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Recommended Video – “What Is MaxForLive… And Why Aren’t You Using It Yet!?” by ELPHNT

Max for Live is an incredibly helpful solution that allows you to further customize and extend Ableton Live. While you can use it as a development tool, many people I’ve bumped into don’t realize it’s also extremely useful to artists who don’t develop.

For example, I’ve been using it for years now to use Ableton Live itself more like a modular and to extend Live through both free and commercial Max for Live devices from Ableton and third parties.

As Max for Live is a bit misunderstood so I wanted to spread the word about a video I discovered via Darwin’s Grosse’s “All Things Modular” Blog, It’s ELPHNT‘s YouTube channel and the videos covers about all sorts of use cases for non-developers.

It’s called called “What Is MaxForLive… And Why Aren’t You Using It Yet!?” and offers a great overview in just under 8 minutes. In the video he touches on:

  • What is Max for Live
  • How should use it
  • How to set it up

A Few Ways I’ve Used Max for Live with Free Devices

Tow Max for Live Devices – Granulator II device and a device that lets me map my wireless Xbox 360 Controller
Max for Live Granulator II and Convolution Reverb devices along with native devices.
This one requires a more knowledge but I wanted to include it as it illustrates how you can bring Max patches into Max for Live devices. This is my first try at it.

More by ELPHNT

Check out for tutorials and Live Packs.

In a somewhat related not both ELPHNT and I collaborated with Brian Funk on his The Round Wavetable Ableton Live Pack – 32 Free Wavetable Presets From 7 Producers.

Max for Live Links

Some of my Fav Commercial Max for Live Companies

Ableton Live Artist News Denver/Boulder Show Report Synths & Instruments (Virtual)

Show Report: Two Days in Denver with Robert Henke (aka Monolake)

Photo: DMNS Gates Planetarium

Robert Henke of Monolake and one of the creators of Ableton live came through Denver and performed his work “Intersection” on Monday and then delivered a lecture at Denver University on Tuesday. This invitation only event was hosted by The Digital Media Studies program at the University of Denver.

This was a real treat as this was one of only a small number Robert’s performances in the US. Here is a show report.

Intersection” is a work which incorporates “field recordings made in Hanoi in 2009, reconstructed through narrative, music and sounds”. The performance was presented in the context of the amazing full-dome digital theater of the Gates Planetarium

Before the show started the event host Trace Reddell, Ph.D. (Director, Digital Media Studies University of Denver) introduced Robert who talked a little bit about the piece and the show.


Robert described the show as a real-time collaboration between himself and Gate’s Planetarium’s own VJ / Pilot / Scientist Ka Chun Yu Ph.D. on visuals (pictured below).


They had only met a few hours before the show and the concert was almost completely improvised.

Music and Sound
On the sound side of things, Robert describes “Intersection” as follows:

Intersection is entirely created using field recordings taken in November 2009 in and around the city of Hanoi in Vietnam. The field recordings were transferred to a laptop and layered, filtered, slowed down and processed in many ways to form the composition. The idea of using recordings of day by day sounds as material for musical expression is not new. It has been pioneered shortly after the advent of tape recorders in the late 1940 by the French composer Pierre Schaeffer and others. They coined the term ‘musique concrete’ for these kind of works.

Ableton Live

Ableton Live 8.1 Now Online – New File Format Introduced


I just saw this on the Ableton Forum:

We just released the latest Live 8 version, Live 8.1.
The main focus of that 8.1 version is the release for the "Max for Live" product.
Additionally, Live 8.1 contains a bunch of bugfixes compared to Live 8.0.9. (A corresponding change log will follow soon).
Please ONLY update to Live 8.1 if you own a Live 8 full or suite license, as 8.1 does not yet support Lite and Intro licenses. Live Lite and Live intro support will be included in a later bugfix release.

I also saw the following note on this download page:

Live 8.1 introduces a new file format – documents saved with Live 8.1 or newer will not be able to be opened in older versions of Live.


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