Los Angeles Ableton Live Users Group Meeting September 25th

FYI - The Los Angeles Ableton Live Users Group meeting is on September 25th. Producer/composer Owen Vallis who’s presenting is of Brick Table and Arduinome fame...two really great DIY controllers! Click the poster on the left for more details. I've added a bookmark to the recommended sites links in the right column of this blog... Continue Reading →

Notes on Upgrading from Live 6 to Live 7 on Windows Vista

I just upgraded from Live 6 to Live 7 and wanted to pass on some notes and tips about my upgrade. I have plenty of VSTs Synths so I opted to upgrade just Live 7 and pass on a Suite. I was on the hunt for some fresh drum samples so I did add Drum... Continue Reading →

Ableton LIVE 7 Now Shipping!!!

Ableton has released LIVE 7. I fell in love with the new features while beta testing and consider this a must have upgrade for existing users. If you've never used Live, you should download the demo and give it a try. Here are some helpful links: What's new in Live 7 Watch a video on... Continue Reading →

Video Shows a Glimpse of Ableton Live 7 and the New Drum Rack

The new Drum Rack goes WAY beyond Impulse. It combines beat slicing and midi-automapping of slices (like Fruity Slicer or pHATmatik PRO) with kit building. It also supports REX files. It has a great system for supporting multiple grouping of pads (looks like in groups of 16). There is a vertical scroll-bar interface that allows... Continue Reading →

Ableton Live 7 Announced – Release Date Before the End of 2007

After much anticipation (and speculation on the forums), Ableton has announced Live 7. Along with Live 7 Ableton announced new add-instruments that integrate with Live. The release date is before the end of 2007". After spending about 30 minutes on their site (it's actually a fair amount of information to "get your mind around"), I... Continue Reading →

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