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LA Ballet Opens Inaugural Season with Combo of Live & Virtual Players


I just got a newsletter from Cakewalk  with a link to an interesting story from Broadcast about the use of a virtual orchestra in Los Angeles Ballet’s latest production.

"The Los Angeles Ballet launched its inaugural season at the Beverly
Hills Wilshire Theatre with an original production of ‘The
.’  In a landmark first, 22 live musicians were augmented by
33 virtual players to round out the 55 musicians called for by the
Tchaikovsky score."

Ends up they only had room in the orchestra pit for 22 players yet wanted to play the full score – so they augmented real players with virtual players using Garritan Personal Orchestra (Learn more | Buy
).The software instrument was hosted out of Sonar 6 Producers Edition  (Learn More | Buy
). Gary Garritan even helped with the production.

The story also indicates that the "Musician’s Union Approves Landmark Use of Garritan Personal Orchestra" :^).

Read the full story here…

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Garritan Personal Orchestra instrument library will be available for Propellerhead Reason


Garritan has
announced that a special light version of the Garritan Personal
Orchestra instrument library will be available for the Propellerhead

According to Garritan  "The library is a Reason Refill sample based instrument
library for all versions of Propellerhead’s Reason, and includes over
180 instrument patches for the Garritan Personal Orchestra instrument

More details here…