Modulate This! – Best Products of 2008 for Electronic Musicians

Hope you all are having a restful holiday season. I continuously strive for the leanest rig that will give me the best results. In this post I’ll offer a list products that make up the core of my rig. Consider this my “If I was stranded on a desert island” list for 2008.  Note thatContinue reading “Modulate This! – Best Products of 2008 for Electronic Musicians”

Native Instruments Demo Page

Native Instruments has a created a new set of demos for all their virtual instrument software which includes: TRAKTOR 3.2 ABSYNTH 4 BATTERY 3 MASSIVE FM8 KONTAKT 2.2 GUITAR RIG 2.2 The demos are full versions with access to full feature sets with save disabled.  Also, the instruments will shut off after 30 minutes (atContinue reading “Native Instruments Demo Page”