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Two announcements from Ableton – live 6 on vista and 6.0.5 update

(March 4, 2007 – Article update: Ableton has done more testing. They report that 6.0

– The drawing of the status bar in the Splash screen does not work  properly

Ableton has released information on compatibility of Ableton Live 6 on Windows Vista. They also have announced a new update for all platforms.

According to a recent announcement on Ableton’s forum,  version 6.0.3 will run on does so with some limitations such as:

  • Starting Live 6.0.3 will temporarily disable the AERO Glass
  • The drawing of the status bar in the Splash screen does not work properly
  • First time decoding an MP3 (or similar) file requires administrator rights

For a full list of the limitations click here.

More importantly though, Ableton has announced a new update, version 6.0.5, which not only has minor bug fixes but also includes some fixes to address Vista compatibility.  Some improvements listed are:

  • Improved the ‘Best’ interpolation setting of the Sampler instrument.
  • Starting Live on Windows Vista would not longer disable AERO Glass.
  • More

So whether you are on Windows XP, Mac, or Windows Vista, I recommend you download the latest update here.

(Modulate This) Ableton Live

Ableton Live Update 6.0.3 is Now Available


Ableton has released an update to Live – version 6.0.3. What’s new in Ableton Live 6.0.3? It contains many bug fixes as well as some minor improvements. I’ll high lite a few improvements and fixes below, but visit Ableton’s form for a full list of changes here. The update is available here.   

Some improvements include:

  • Context menu in zone editor has two new entries:  Select all parts with same range, Reload loops from file

  • Easier macro-mapping by adding the "Map to Macro .." menu

    to each context menu of a device parameter within a group.
  • Performance improvement for the loading of Live clips
  • Several multi-sample import improvements

Bug Fixes:

  • A problem with the first MIDI note of a MIDI recording (great fix for those who do a lot of MIDI recording!)

  • The check to prevent the creation of frozen files > 2 GB would not work properly.

  • When soloing multiple tracks using learned midi or key, the un-soloing

    could keep a single track muted.