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About Mosher-Dean Duo

Mark Mosher and Dino J.A. Deane have been performing improvisational sessions on-and-off sessions since 2015.

Coming together as a duo is a perfect example of what can come from joining the Rocky Mountain Synthesizer Meetup community. You have the possibility of finding collaborations through shared interests, be it in modular synthesis, beat making or in this case real-time collaborative composition using hybrid rigs. The duo of Mosher-Deane would have never occurred with out the synth meet-up!


Full 12 minute audio recording of this session in the playlist below.

Audio Recordings


Blog Posts From Past Sessions and Collaborations

Audio and Video Recordings from Mosher-Deane Live MicroFreak Session at the Renaissance Room October 13, 2019 Below is a live recording of the Mosher-Deane duo improvising with two MicroFreak synthesizers as their primary tonal source. This live session was recorded at the Rocky Mountain Synthesizer Meetup on October 8th, 2019 in the Renaissance Room at La Vita Bell in Longmont, CO. Teaser Video First up just under a minute of some […]
Learning the MicroFreak Synth: Cheat Sheets and Recommended Videos October 4, 2019 I bought the Arturia MicroFreak Hybrid Synrhesizer back in 2019 – yay!. I really like the design and it’s an amazing value for only $299. [I updated this post and cheat sheets once again on October 27th, 2021 to incorporate info on 4.0.1 firmware update which included user wavetables and more] [I updated this post […]
54 Minutes of New Music from Mark Mosher & Dino J.A. Deane August 29, 2019 Yesterday I did an improv session with my good friend and mentor Dino J.A. Deane. This session was recorded live at the Dino’s studio (The Bohemian Lounge) using ambient room mics. We recorded 4 songs which came out to 54 minutes of music. I uploaded to this Soundcloud playlist for your enjoyment. Mark Mosher Instruments:Elektron […]
Show April 26th: Textures Ambient Showcase – Mutiny Cafe April 9, 2015 When:  April 26, 2015, 7PM Where: Mutiny Information Cafe, 2 S Broadway, Denver, Colorado 80209 Admission:   $5 suggested donation for the artists ALL-AGES beverages are available Please RSVP on the Facebook page by clicking the “Going” button. Textures Mmbient Showcase {resents Brocken Spectre, Mark Mosher, Dino J.A. Deane textures ambient showcase features 3 live acts each LAST Sunday of the […]


Photo of Mark Mosher - Electronic Music Composer and Performer, Boulder, CO

Mark Mosher is an experimental musician and multimedia artist. He has been composing, releasing, and performing cinematic sci-fi inspired electronic music for over a decade. He has also done interactive installations for organizations like the Bob Moog Foundation and The Denver Public Library. His Sonic Encounters Podcast now in its third season.


Beginning his professional career, at the age of nineteen, as a musical arranger and multi-instrumentalist (trombone, flutes, keyboards, percussion), Dino J. A. Deane worked in funk bands around Los Angeles. He also worked as a studio recording musician and as a sideman for Ike and Tina Turner. In the mid 1970’s Deane moved to San Francisco where he became involved, as an improvising artist, in the diverse communities of dramatic theater, modern dance, free jazz and punk rock.

Moving to NYC in the early 1980’s Mr. Deane pioneered the use of live-electronics, live-looping and live-sampling, simultaneously in three distinct genres of music on the international stage : In the art / punk band Indoor Life, playing trombone controlled synthesizer : In the fourth world music of trumpet master Jon Hassell, as an electro-acoustic percussionist : In the Conduction orchestras of Butch Morris, where he live-sampled the ensembles in performance.
During this period Mr. Deane also worked as a sound designer for dramatic theater, with writer directors Sam Shepard, Julie Hebert and Christoph Marthaler and maintained another long-term relationship in the world of modern dance with dancer choreographer Colleen Mulvihill, creating and performing numerous dance / music works.

In 1997 after collaborating with Butch Morris for twelve years, Deane began conducting his own ensemble, Out of Context (1997 to 2013) and by 2000 he was teaching Conduction in workshops. Since Maestro Morris’ passing in 2013, Mr. Deane has committed himself to continuing the legacy of Conduction through education, by providing workshops for conductors, musicians, actors and spoken word artists. He is a co-editor of Morris’ book The Art of Conduction and co-produced the 10 CD Box-Set Testament : a Conduction Collection. His current Conduction ensemble is the FluxCrew based in Denver/Boulder.

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