Novation Posts 1.1b1 Public Beta for UltraNova Synthesizer Firmware and Editor

Novation just posted a 1.1b1 public beta for the UltraNova hardware synthesizer. While only a point release - there are a lot of great new features and some fixes. Links to the update are at the bottom of the post. Note, according to a Novation rep on the forum “The update is not immediately reversible,... Continue Reading →

UltraNova Synthesizer Tip & Example Patch: How to Latch Notes to Create Drones

I’ve seen some questions on the UltraNova forum asking if it’s possible to sustain a note indefinitely to create drones even though there is no “hold” parameter. It is indeed possible and can be done by using the Gator effect. Here is how it works. Insert the Gator effect into a free slot Turn on... Continue Reading →

Video: Automating Novation UltraNova (Mininova) Synthesizer Parameters with Dummy Clips in Ableton Live

Update: These same technique work with the Mininova. Since May I’ve been working with the Novation UltraNova. The synth engine and touch encoders make this a fantastic performance synth. I especially love the VST/AU Editor which I’ve been using not only to tweak and create patches but also as a controllerism bridge between Ableton Live... Continue Reading →

Novation UltraNova MIDI Implementation Chart

Novation has posted a MIDI implementation chart for the UltraNova synthesizer. Download the chart here - Mark Mosher Electronic Music Artist, Boulder, CO Synthesist | Composer | Keyboardist | Performer Official Web Site: Listen/Download Albums:

Review of The Novation UltraNova & MiniNova Synthesizer’s Effects Processor

Update 11/22/21015: The information in this post can also be applied to the MiniNova - although the screens may look slightly different in the editor. I’ve been working with the UltraNova for a few weeks now and just spent some quality time working with effects. I can tell you that the effects section is simply... Continue Reading →

Novation UltraNova vs M-Audio Venom vs Roland Gaia

      I recently purchased a Novation UltraNova. As I was researching I compiled specs form manufacturer web sites and placed them into a spreadsheet from other synths at this price point so I could compare the instruments side-by-side. I thought I’d pass this info on to save you time if you were in the... Continue Reading →

How to Configure Ableton Live to Work with Novation UltraNova (Update: How to Record & Transmit Automation)

Here are some notes I've made on how to configure Ableton Live to both edit patches on UltraNova and record the USB audio stream. Screen shots are from Windows 7. Download and install latest software Plugin-in UltraNova via USB Configure Ableton Options: Menu>Options>Preferences>Audio tab to select ASIO and the the novation USB driver. This tells Ableton... Continue Reading →

Novation UltraNova Synthesizer 411

I’m now the proud owner of the Novation UltraNova synthesizer. I’m already creating some custom patches for it so stay tuned for some updates on Patchlab. I'm also considering building some larger sound sets so signup for the Newsletter and check "UltraNova" if you might be interestd. I did a lot of research before buying... Continue Reading →

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