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Tune in to Live Streaming Halloween Electronica Show Oct 31st at 6pm Mountain / Midnight GMT


I will be streaming live October 31st at 6PM Mountain/Midnight GMT to bring you a special Halloween Edition of SciFi Electronica Live with all original music. Segments on the show will include music and sound from:

  • Recordings of sound design cues I composed/produced for haunted houses
  • Recordings from the album NO GHOSTS. JUST FEAR.which released on Halloween last year. I’ll be offering behind-the-scenes notes on these horror soundscapes.
  • Live performance of songs on Theremin and synth
  • Creepy recordings from wonderful Denver Thereminists Victoria Lundy and Rick Reid.
    Use this link day of show and while you there follow me so you can keep up with future shows.

Mark Mosher
Electronic Musician | Composer | Sound Designer | Performer
Boulder, CO

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Tune-In to SciFi Electronica Show #2 Sunday Oct.13th at 3pm MDT (21:00 GMT)

I’ll be live streaming Sunday Oct 13th at 3PM MDT (21:00 GMT). Tune in and chat at is on Mixlr

Update: If you missed the show listen to the replay here, or here

I'll be doing a segment focusing on some of my remix work and will be joined by guest Heather Valey from the Austin-based band Fluorescent Echo. I'll be talking with Heather about the production of the album Glow and will play some tracks from the album. We'll also discuss my remix of the song "Now is Now".

I will do a live improvisation during the broadcast on Ableton Push.

I will continue with my behind-the-scenes segment on songs from my album REBOOT picking up where I left off in Episode 1 which you can listen to here.

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Live Streaming SciFi Electronica + Dark Ambient Octatrack Improv – Today (9/23/2013) at 3pm MDT


Post show update: If you missed the show live you can hear a recording using the soundcloud player below.

Here is the playlyst:

I played some tracks from my albums and offered behind-the-scenes composer and producer’s notes. I also performed an ambient improvisation in real-time with my Octatrack called  ‘Children Of The Gods Find The Weather Machine”

– Played the show in with a little “Orbiting Miranda” from album No Ghosts. Just Fear.
– “Midnight” from album REBOOT
– “Calibrating the Krell Educator Machine” which is an improv I posted on my SoundCloud account
– “Stealth” from the album REBOOT.
– “Children Of The Gods Find The Weather Machine” which I performed live
– “They Walk Among Us” from the album REBOOT.
– “Orbiting Miranda” from the album NO GHOSTS. JUST FEAR.


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I’ll be hosting a live audio streaming session today at 3pm MDT  (5pm EST, 21:00 GMT) for 30 minutes. I’ll be playing a few tracks of my original scifi-inspired Elecgtronica albums and offering behind-the-scene notes. I’ll also do a live improvisation using field recordings on my Octatrack.

You can listen to the show and chat on You can also follow me on Mixlr if you want to be notified of upcoming shows.

Mark Mosher
Electronic Musician | Composer | Sound Designer | Performer
Boulder, CO