“The Beauty Comes Out of the Spider’s Nature” Improv on Elektron Octatrack by Mark Mosher

This is a an audio board recording of a live improvisation using only the Elektron Octatrack. It was recorded at the Jan. 25th, 2018 Beat Cypher event at Madelife. Thanks to Justin Forthuber at madelife for organizing this event and Chris Sessions for the board recording. https://youtu.be/gBn3xEI1E4Y Thanks for listening, Mark Mosher Synthesist, Electronic Musician,... Continue Reading →

Vintage Synths: Reminiscing About Poly 800 + Moog Slayer Filter Mod + Poly-800 Meets Octatrack Improv

My First Synth My very first synth was the Poly-800 which I bought the year it was introduced in 1984. It was the first programmable polyphonic synth for under a thousand bucks (I bought mine for $795 new). It was an incredible value at the time with these features: MIDI  (which had only just been... Continue Reading →

Great Improv and Video: Józef Skrzek plays Minimoog and church organ… again!

Ok, this video is just fabulous..."Józef Skrzek plays Minimoog and church organ... again!" Filmed by Krzysztof Miller for film by Ilja Stankovic - short, moving improvisation for small church organ and Minimoog with Roland RE-201 tape delay. Check http://www.skrzek.com for more info and skrzek.bandcamp.com for plenty of tracks with Moog. Mark Mosher Electronic Musician |... Continue Reading →

Good Read: Barry Guy – Striving For Absolute Spontaneity

Over the summer and into this fall I'm focusing a lot on improvisation using an Octatrack. Here is a good read on improvisation I found via Boulder artist Farrell Lowe - "Barry Guy: Striving For Absolute Spontaneity". Barry Guy seems to be one of the most convincing figures in a long line of contemporary innovators... Continue Reading →

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