Outpost: Airlock Zebralette / Zebra 2 Soundset



Click here to download a zip file contacting the patches. This live pack is FREE. See license details below.


“OUTPOST: AIRLOCK” is a free soundset made up of patches for U-HE’s free shareware synthesizer Zebralette. The patches will also load into Zebra 2. This themed soundset picks up where “Sounds from a Distant Outpost” soundset left off and again takes place at the fictional dark and distant “outpost”. This outpost exists in the same “signals universe” as my two albums REBOOT, I HEAR YOUR SIGNALS, and Fear Cannot Save Us. The 12 patches in this soundset will help you explore the sounds, technology, and creatures of this world. Listen through nice headphones or monitors as there is a lot of stereo movement in these patches (keep the volume low while you get to know the library).

I used only 4 Instances of U-HE Zebra using patches from this sound set for my song “The Knowing and the Dark Mirror” from the album Fear Cannot Save Us.

This song was performed on Ableton Push.

Project Goals

One goal with this project is to spark your imagination and inspire you to create your own soundtrack for this world. Of course, the instruments will also help add an interesting “edge” to any sound or music project.

Another goal was to inspire you to go deeper with synthesis with Zebra 2 (and programming in general) by giving you a smaller set of expressive patches created only with Zebralette. Since Zebralette is subset of Zebra 2 it’s well suited to this notion of boosting creativity by constraining your toolset. The manual summarizes this nicely – “Zebralette is a single oscillator plucked from Zebra2 and transplanted into a much simpler, easy-to-learn framework… The LFOs, MSEG and effects in Zebralette are also simplified versions of those in Zebra2.” For me personally, constraining myself to program within limits was a fun challenge. For example, Zebralette has no filter. This just forced me to learn new ways to transform and filter the waveforms with oscillator SpectralFX instead. As a result I understand Zebra 2 a whole lot better and will be able to get more unique sounds with a bigger sonic range.

I encourage you to dig into some of these patches to see how I used SpectralFX, modulation, and hand drawn waveforms and wavetable synthesis to achieve some of these sounds.

The Story

Phase 2 of the Outpost Experiment begins. You are teleported to an airlock within the alien outpost. Play each patch in order. Take some time with each patch.  Play across the entire range of your keyboard. Experiment with mod wheel, velocity, and aftertouch. Do this and you will experience the journey through the airlock which connects the outer ring of the outpost to the first inner chamber. You might hear creatures along the way so stay alert.

  1. A Looking Glass
  2. Bowing the Sparker
  3. Ghosts
  4. Looking Back at Yourself
  5. Pierce the Mist
  6. Sensing Through Particles
  7. Sliding Organic
  8. String Theory
  9. The Knowing
  10. They Know You Are Here
  11. Understanding Wires
  12. Until You Learn Their Language


This soundset was developed for use with U-HE’s Free Zebralette virtual instrument which comes with Zebra 2 (http://www.u-he.com/cms/zebra) can be downloaded separately fromhttp://www.u-he.com/cms/zebralette. Note these instruments work on both Mac and PC. These patches will also load into U-HE’s Flagship synthesizer Zebra 2. To make the most of these patches you’ll need a MIDI Controller that transmits velocity, aftertouch, and modulation wheel.




The Outpost: Airlock soundset is copyright 2011 Newecho Productions, LLC. The soundset (patches, programming, documentation, images) is provided as is and without warranty. Not responsible for data loss (in other words backup before you add third-party sounds or samples to your library).

You are granted a non-exclusive royalty-free license to use the audio output of the patches in this library in the context of any musical and/or sound composition. You may not redistribute or sell the content as standalone sounds or as part of another soundset without express permission from Newecho Productions, LLC.

Performance Notes

NAME: MM A Looking Glass 

DESCRIPTION: Silky glass. Round. Morphing Bright.


MOD WHEEL –  Morph from a pad to a lead.
VELOCITY – Controls Volume
AFTER TOUCH – Causes pitch up by 12 steps. Also causes a pan left which makes interesting for the delay line.


NAME: MM Bowing the Sparker

DESCRIPTION: A pad with a metallic edge that sounds bowed.


MOD WHEEL – Increase Sync



NAME: MM Ghosts

DESCRIPTION: Ghostly when played at middle C and an octave above. An octave below there is some very warm big bottom end. There is a rhythmic element that fades in and out.


MOD WHEEL – Increase Sync and make brighter
AFTER TOUCH – Pans elements more to the right


NAME: MM Looking Back at Yourself

DESCRIPTION: A gated pad with lots of delays and panning.


MOD WHEEL – Increase brightness. All the way up causes self-oscillation.
VELOCITY – Brightness
AFTER TOUCH – Pitch up


NAME: MM Pierce the Mist

DESCRIPTION: A pad with an attack that sounds like rapidly vibrating glass. Two octaves down from middle C the timbre has vocal formant qualities.


MOD WHEEL – Sweep the band pass filter into the stratosphere.
VELOCITY – Higher velocities kick in the MSEG pulse
AFTER TOUCH – Pitch down a 7th


NAME: MM Sensing Through Particles

DESCRIPTION: Sensing through plastic and glass particles vibrating at high frequencies that react to touch.


MOD WHEEL – Add more power to the particles.
AFTER TOUCH – Pitch down


NAME: MM Sliding Organic

DESCRIPTION: Slides into an organ sound with a plastic pulse with a lot of stereo movement.


MOD WHEEL – Changes character/timing of pulse.
AFTER TOUCH – Slight change in sync which adds a timbre shift and a bit of a character change to the organ sound.


NAME: MM String Theory

DESCRIPTION: Alien sitar-like sound.


MOD WHEEL – Makes bright, tight, and sparkly.
AFTER TOUCH – Adds a little thickness and makes it less bright


NAME: MM The Knowing

DESCRIPTION: Plastic pad with lots of movement.


MOD WHEEL – Brighter & Bigger
AFTER TOUCH – Pitch up to hear them speak.


NAME: MM They Know You Are Here

DESCRIPTION: Creatures floating and pinging you.


MOD WHEEL – Bring them closer
AFTER TOUCH – Send them further back.


NAME: MM Understanding Wires

DESCRIPTION: Signal flowing down wires.


MOD WHEEL – Higher frequency signal flow
AFTER TOUCH – Pitch Down


NAME: MM Until You Learn Their Language

DESCRIPTION: Speaking through the plasma.


MOD WHEEL – Pan control
AFTER TOUCH – N/A I used too many mod slots to generate movement :^*

Science Fiction Theme Albums


The albums in this series are orchestrated with classic and contemporary synth sounds and loaded with sound design “ear candy” for synth and Sci-fi fans looking for a soundtrack experience for an epic movie yet to be filmed. If you listen to the tracks in album order, the story unfolds, and the titles of the songs give away the basic plot of each scene, but it’s left up to you – the listener – to fill in the story details. Each song was written to stand on its own as well.

Available on Bandcamp, iTunes, Spotify, and most online music store outlets.

#1 Reboot – 2009

This first album in the series, released in 2009, tells this tale of an alien invasion from the human point of view. Stylistically, it is loaded with electronica, dark ambient, and experimental tracks. This album was recorded entirely in the digital realm using virtual synthesizers and Ableton Live. I worked on the album for an elapsed two years before release. Prior to the release of the album, the first three tracks were released as singles. “Midnight” and “Stealth” went to #1 and “They Walk Among Us” went to #2 on the SoundClick electronica charts.

Genre: Electronic: Electronica
Release Date: 2009
Composed, Arranged, Programmed, Performed, Produced and Mastered by Mark Mosher
Performed on Ableton Live, Novation Keyboards
Cover Photo and Desing by Mark Mosher
(c)(p) 2009 Mark J. Mosher (BMI) – Published by Newecho Productions, LLC –  CC BY-NC

#2 I Hear Your Signals – 2010

I Hear Your Signals is album #2 in the series and retells the story of Reboot – but – from the alien point of view. In other words all the emotional curves are inverted. Alternative controllers such as gesture-based infrared Percussa AudioCubes and Theremin pitch-to-MIDI were used allowing me to go beyond the well-tempered 12-tone scale and to achieve very unique expressive results.

Genre: Electronic: Electronica
Composed, Arranged, Programmed, Performed, Produced and Mastered by Mark Mosher
Performed on Ableton Live, Yamaha Tenori-On, Percussa AudioCubes, Novation Keyboards and Launchpad
Released 12 July 2010
(C) (P) 2010 Mark J. Mosher (BMI) – Published by Newecho Productions, LLC –  CC BY-NC
Cover Photo by Mark Mosher

#3 Fear Cannot Save Us – 2014

Fear Cannot Save Us is album #3 in the series. This third album, released in 2014, tells the story of the transformation of a human to an alien hybrid being. The album takes you through our hero’s journey as they rapidly coevolve and become self-aware and aware of their mission for revolution. Assuming evolution does not imply direction, could the change benefit mankind?

On another level this album is also allegorical. It’s about tolerance for people who seem different and strange to us. It’s also about people accepting change in themselves. On a third level, the album and the series are a nod to my love for classic Sci-fi films.

Bringing this album to life is the culmination of over three years of work. This work included going deep and studying the sound design possibilities of a small number of monster digital synthesizers such as Absynth, Zebra, and ElectraX as well as circuit-modelled analog synthesizers such as ACE and Saurus. To give the album an organic feel and sense of place, I manipulated my field recordings using Ableton Sampler. I also worked to find ways to “see through the eyes” of great guitarists, not to emulate guitar tone per se, but to instead apply concepts like non-linear distortion and wave shaping within feedback circuits to add more dynamics, emotion and expression to my sounds and performances. I hope you enjoy the sonic detail and emotion that will emerge and evolve with multiple listens.

Listen to my interview on the Art-Music-Technology Podast where I talk about the making of this album.

Genre: Electronic: Electronica
Written, performed, programmed, produced, and mixed by Mark Mosher.
Performed on Ableton Live 9, Ableton Push, Yamaha Tenori-On, Percussa AudioCubes, Novation Keyboards, and Native Instruments Maschine.
Mastered by Gannon Kashiwa.
Cover photo and design by Mark Mosher with art direction assistance from Dave Weed (Adwerks) and Victoria Lundy (Cuttlefish Arts).
(c)(p) 2010-2014 Mark J. Mosher (BMI) – Published by Newecho Productions, LLC – CC BY-NC

Ableton Live Pack – Sounds from a Distant Outpost



The Mysteries of the Outpost

I’ve teleported back from “The Outpost”.  It was alive with sound. I managed smuggle some audio recordings out and also recreate what I heard using machines I brought back with me.  I sent you these files in the hopes that you will fashion these sounds into instruments so others can play and control these sounds.  Share the  library so people around the world can create original soundscapes and songs and in turn share with others on the internet. Time is of the essence.  If we work together we can unlock the  mysteries of The Outpost.


Sounds From a Distant Outpost is a sound set in Ableton Live Pack format and can be used with Live standard and Suite. I first released this as a holiday give for my Modulate This! readers back in 2010 and the Live Pack has been downloaded thousands of times since then.

Sounds From a Distant Outpost is more than a sample sound library. Over 30 hours in the making, it is a set of 12 deep and expressive Ableton Live instrument racks that will transport you to a dark and distant outpost. From here you will be able to explore the sounds, machines, and creatures of this world.

The  source audio is made up of some of my field recordings as well  as original synthesized and re-synthesis harmonic content.  The concept for the instruments was based on a back-story I created as the project progressed. Fueled by the story and setting, I translated these source samples into Ableton Live racks and meticulously programmed them to create playable dynamic instruments which are placed under your command via macro parameters, velocity, after touch, and modulation wheel mappings. I’ve also provided the original source samples for the project so those who don’t have Ableton Live will be able to use these samples as oscillator sources in synths like Absynth, Alchemy, ElectraX and Blofeld.

Audio Examples

One of my goals with this Live Pack was to create a set of expressive instruments such that each performance or player would come up with something unique. As a testament to this, check out the huge variety of pieces created by myself and others with this set of instruments in the Audio Examples section below.

I hope you too will find that these instruments will help spark your imagination and  inspire you to create your own soundtrack for this world. Of course, the instruments will also help add an interesting “edge” to any sound or music project. Here are some pieces made exclusively with this Live Pack.


James Tobin

Mark Mosher

Download & License

Click here to download zip file of Live Pack

Sounds from a Distant Outpost (Sound Library) is copyright 2010 Newecho Productions, LLC. The Sound Library   (patches, programming, samples, config files, Ableton Live Packs, documentation, images) are provided as is and without warranty.   Not responsible for data loss (in other words backup before you add third-party sounds or samples to your library).  Keep the volume low while you get to know the library.

License for Use in Music and Sound Compositions:
 You are granted a non-exclusive royalty-free license to use the audio output of the instrument racks in the context of any musical and/or sound composition.

License for Reusing Source Samples and Instrument Racks:

The source samples and instrument rack programming are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. You may not redistribute or sell the content as standalone sounds or as part of another commercial library without express permission from Newecho Productions, LLC.

Notes and Preset List

  • As with any new sound set, keep the volumes low while you get to know the sounds.
  • Go deep. Spend quality time with each instrument.
  • Experiment with blending macro levels. For example one parameter may activate or attenuate an effect and a second parameter may further alter the effect. In this case I’ve labeled the first parameter with a trailing “>>”
  • Some parameters are dependent on certain frequencies. If you don’t hear a change in the sound, try playing on a different octave or changing the filter frequency.
  • Instruments are generally quite expressive and change radically from high to low octaves so explore the full range of the keyboard
  • While playing up and down the keyboard try using different velocities with after touch.
  • Sometimes, a parameter change won’t be heard till you re-trigger a note

Each instrument is placed in a rack and programmed to take advantage of Ableton’s 8 performance macro knobs. Labels for knobs are color coded to help you quickly identify the class of modulation. For example, macro knobs that control Filter and Resonance (Q) will be labeled Green.


Embedded Description and Performance Notes




1 -Alien Voices (SFX)

Mod Wheel: More wet gurgles
Velocity: Volume
After Touch: Pitch/Filter/Pan LFO Speed

Play across entire range of keyboard to hear different alien voices. Crank the macro knobs to really change things up.

2 – Big Servos (SFX)

Mod Wheel: Filter
Velocity: Volume
After Touch: Pitch
Pressing keys initiates servo movement. Modulators allow you to change motor speed, stress on servo, and radio interference with remote control.

3 – Clock Streams (Atmospheric)

Mod Wheel: Reduces repeating metallic loop sound for high-velocity notes.
Velocity Ads percussive attack
After Touch:Percussive sounds become scrapes.
Room of clocks w/ buzzing tone – manipulate the number of clocks and make the space bigger. For upper octaves use AutoBend to pitch bend notes. Buzz pushes the sound to become more of a formant vocal sound w/ REZ.

4 – Cyclical Bell (Bell/Atmospheric)

Mod Wheel: Filter
Velocity: Volume
After Touch: Pitch Down
Bell harmonic with cyclical movement built into sample. Tail end of sample has a formant quality. Movement is not locked to tempo.

5 – Dark Hall (Percussion/Atmospheric)

Mod Wheel: Changes loop length which reduces repeating metallic loop sound for high-velocity notes
Velocity: Play lightly for atmospheric, more aggressively for percussion and metallic loops
After Touch: Pitch
Atmospheric, percussive, spider-like creatures, rain…

6 – Flow of Data (SFX)

Mod Wheel: Filter
Velocity: Volume
After Touch: Pitch Up
Digital Bleep sounds synced to tempo. Arpeggiator is used to play back the bleeps. The two samples are cross-faded with velocity. The arpeggiator changes the velocity of notes on-the-fly.

7 – Man Machine Interface (SFX)

Mod Wheel: Loop Length
Velocity: Volume
After Touch: Closes Filter on Layer 1
The sound of the flow of information between man and machine. Play a note with your pitch wheel all the way, then slowly move it down.

8 – Outpost Control Room Kit (Drums/Percussion)

Sounds of “The Outpost” control room in action (rumor has it the aliens use organic or analog computers) stored conveniently in an Impulse drum kit (notes start at C3). Spin the “Scratch” param to scratch. Use “Arp On” and “Rate” to repeat notes.

9 – Outpost Lead (Lead)

Mod Wheel: Not Used
Velocity: Volume
After Touch: Not used
A cyclical metallic lead sound that was re-synthesized then edited additively to protect you from direct exposure to alien mind control sound.

10 – Nasty Circuit (SFX/Lead)

Mod Wheel: Filter
Velocity: Volume
After Touch: Pitch Up
A rhythmic timber that sounds like something close to metal being bowed, bent, and blasted with radiation with knobs for tuning in sounds from the ether

11 – Plasma Matrix (SFX)

Mod Wheel: Filter
Velocity: Volume
After Touch: Pitch
A rhythmic timber that sounds like something close to boiling plasma. Control the flow.

12 – Singing Bowls (Bell/Pad)

Mod Wheel: Filter
Velocity: Volume
After Touch: Pitch LFO
Qualities of a singing bowl articulated with mallet and wind. Character of sound changes from an evolving textural pad with a lot of bottom end on lower octaves to almost flute-like sound in top octaves.

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(no)poem Collaboration

My good friend Darwin Grosse and I formed a new duo called (no)poem to support our performances and recorded work. Check out our new web site at http://www.nopoem.net.

Darwin Grosse is director of education and customer services for Cycling ’74 (Max). He is the  creator and host of the art+music+technologypodcast. Darwin also launched a brand new blog called All Things Modular.


The unique nature of our interaction comes from the instruments that we use. Darwin focuses his attention on a portable modular synthesizer, while my system is centered around an Elektron Octatrack and a Waldorf Blofeld desktop. This combo is aided by an automated generative visual system.


Our work is completely improvised, but are supported by the use of postcard-sized graphical scores. This gives us the ability to create structured improvisations while remaining open to react to our surroundings and to each others’ work. We do not use laptop computers or keyboards during our performance, forcing us to use alternative controlling devices to produce the work.

2015 Heartland Tour

We recently completed mini-tour of the heartland August 1st and 2nd. Prior to leaving on the tour we got some nice coverage of the tour on Synthtopia.


Here are some photos of the tour.

A.I. Winter Collaboration



A.I. Winter is a duo collaboration with Michael O’Bannon (Atlanta, GA) and Mark Mosher (Boulder, CO).  We are the self-appointed harbinger of the progress of Artificial Intelligence toward world domination.  It imposes its musical interpretations of cosmic machine consciousness on the world at large. Follow us on Facebook.

A.I. Winter EP

”From the barren nanoscapes inside our personal devices come furtive anthems hummed by those digital servants who will one day be our overlords…”.

“Instantiate” is an experimental ambient EP containing a piece with four movements composed for two Octatracks. It was first performed live at Electro-Music NY Festival on September 7th, 2014. This is a recording of that performance with each movement as its own track.

Track Listing and Notes

Track 1: Stasis – A still, slow moving “present time”. Drones and melodies with an occasional perturbation to foreshadow what is coming.

Track 2: Stirrings – Bursts of brief intelligence and control come and go. Perturbations of a minimal but ominous atmosphere. These are simple at first, but evolve toward short periods of chaos that quickly burn out.

Track 3: Birth – The A.I. begins to build and grow recursively. Structures surface and are repeated and elaborated. While the programmer looks for signs of intelligence from the A.I., the the A.I. is rapidly learning by reviewing and attempting to emulate recordings of a child speaking.

Track 4: Childhood – The A.I. recognizes its own existence. Consciousness leads to experimentation, gentle but awkward at first, with a growing edginess and over-sensitivity that suggests intrusiveness, lack of predictability and danger. The countdown to Super Artificial Intelligence has begun.


– Written and produced by Michael O’Bannon & Mark Mosher
– Performed live by Michael O’Bannon (Octatrack) & Mark Mosher (Octatrack)
– Voice of child on “Birth” by Lizzy Mosher
– Mastered by Mark Mosher
– Cover design by Mark Mosher
– Cover photo is a screen grab from video by Katie Rhodes
– Digital recording at Electro-Music event by Robert Dorschel
– Copyright 2014 Michael O’Bannon & Mark Mosher


Thanks to Howard Moskovitz, Greg Waltzer, Hong Waltzer and all the volunteers who make Electro-Music events possible.


Mark and Michael first met at Electro-Music 2010. Throughout the years they’ve collaborated loosely with Mark on the music side and Michael on visuals. For the first time, Michael and Mark are joining forces as a musical duo to offer the soundtrack of a cautionary tale considering the risks of super-human artificial intelligence.  Michael is a psychologist who explores sound design, the interplay of visual and sound stimuli in performance, and multimedia programming with Max6.  Mark, who’s been going deep with Octatrack and Absynth, will be exploring sonic expression via dynamic sampling, real-time morphing and complex granular manipulations.

Copyright & License

Released 07 September 2014
Copyright 2014, Mark Mosher & Michael O’Bannon

Creative Commons License
Instantiate by Mark Mosher & Michael O’Bannon is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
Based on a work at https://markmoshermusic.com/portfolio/a-i-winter-collaboration/.
Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at https://markmoshermusic.com/contact/.

The Carbon Dioxide Ensemble (Co2E) Collaboration

The Carbon Dioxide Ensemble is a collaboration with Thomas Lundy, Victoria Lundy, and Mark Mosher. In this ensemble we focus  on live improvisational performance of Musique concrète. In this unique act I use the Elektron Octatrack dynamic performance sampler to live sample Thomas Lundy as he manipulates a Copper Heart and other objects with dry ice. Victoria Lundy accompanies on Theremin. The only audio source for Octatrack other than drum samples is the input from the contact mic on the Copper Heart. We then support the show with interactive visuals with live camera input.

Check out this recent performance behind-the-scenes performance video in collaboration with filmmaker Taylor Dunne.

We have performed at 6 Concrète Mixer events at the Walnut Room in Denver and were invited to perform for a convocation at the Gates Concert Hall for the Lamont School of Music at the University of Denver. We received a very positive review by Westword Magazine for this show.

Perhaps out of this performance, a new crop of adventurous musicians will take root in Denver or at least a greater awareness of the existence of an experimental scene in Denver spread to people who might be completely ignorant of it

We were also invited to open day 2 of the internationally known Denver Noise Fest.


Artist Talks & Technology Consulting

I’m available as a speaker, facilitator, or for advisory consultanting.

Contact Me to Book a Session

    1. Artist Talk Backs -I was named one of “Twelve of Colorado’s Greatest Synthesizer Artists” – Westword Magazine, May 9th 2017 and I do presentations on my artistic process and use of technology in my shows and recordings.
    2. Music Technology – I’m the founder of the 600+ member-strong Rocky Mountain Synthesizer Meetup (winner of “2017 Best of Denver” – Best Music Meetup – Westword Magazine) and have hosted 55+ events. I’ve consulted for Recording Magazine, Keyboard Magazine, and the Adams County School District on music technology in STEM education.

Some Past Appearances Include:

  1. Ableton University Tour at University of Colorado Boulder
  2. University of Denver
  3. Mountain Oasis Festival in Asheville,NC
  4. Georgia Tech in Atlanta Georgia
  5. The Microsoft Store in Denver
  6. The Art Institute of Sunnyvalle, CO
  7. Electro-Music Festival NY
  8. Midwest Electro-Music Experience in Indianapolis
  9. Pacific Northwest Synthfest in Seattle,Wa
  10. Madelife Boulder
  11. The Boulder Synthesizer Meetup
  12. The Ableton Denver User Group
  13. Denver County Fair
  14. Boulder Digital Arts Salon Series

Contact Me to Book a Session


Music Technology Mindmaps


I’ve been using mindmaps for creativity, brainstorming, organizing, planning, writing and taking notes for many years now. My favorite mindmapping app is Mindmeister which works on the web, and on mobile devices. You can view the maps for free. For me, Mindmapping was a real life changer and Mindmeister is a top notch and affordable app. If you want to give it a spin, here is a link to the Mindmeister free trial.

I’ve posted many mindmaps on music technology on my public Mindmeister channel. Some maps are quite popular, such as “What’s New in Ableton Live 9” which has 14,000+ views.


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