(no)poem Collaboration

My good friend Darwin Grosse and I formed a new duo called (no)poem to support our performances and recorded work. Check out our new web site at http://www.nopoem.net. Darwin Grosse is director of education and customer services for Cycling ’74 (Max). He is the  creator and host of the art+music+technologypodcast. Darwin also launched a brand new blog called All Things Modular. [...]

A.I. Winter Collaboration

    A.I. Winter is a duo collaboration with Michael O’Bannon (Atlanta, GA) and Mark Mosher (Boulder, CO).  We are the self-appointed harbinger of the progress of Artificial Intelligence toward world domination.  It imposes its musical interpretations of cosmic machine consciousness on the world at large. Follow us on Facebook. A.I. Winter EP ”From the barren nanoscapes inside [...]

The Carbon Dioxide Ensemble (Co2E) Collaboration

The Carbon Dioxide Ensemble is a collaboration with Thomas Lundy, Victoria Lundy, and Mark Mosher. In this ensemble we focus  on live improvisational performance of Musique concrète. In this unique act I use the Elektron Octatrack dynamic performance sampler to live sample Thomas Lundy as he manipulates a Copper Heart and other objects with dry ice. Victoria Lundy accompanies [...]

Artist Talks & Technology Consulting

I'm available as a speaker, facilitator, or for advisory consultanting. Contact Me to Book a Session Artist Talk Backs -I was named one of “Twelve of Colorado’s Greatest Synthesizer Artists” – Westword Magazine, May 9th 2017 and I do presentations on my artistic process and use of technology in my shows and recordings. Music Technology - I'm [...]

9 Box AudioCubes Instrument/Installation

What is the 9 Box? Part collaborative instrument, part interactive installation – the 9 Box allows up to four casualplayers to instantly make music and shape sound by manipulating blocks called Percussa AudioCubes. What Are AudioCubes? AudioCubes, made by Percussa,  are smart wireless cubes capable of sensing each other's location and orientation as well as distance [...]