Image Line’s Software Synth Sytrus 2.3 Has Released – Get 10% Off!

One of my favorite software synths Sytrus has been updated. The update is free for registered users. For everyone else, click here to get 10% off Sytrus or any other image line product. For those of you not familiar with Sytrus, image line describes it as "a powerful and versatile synthesizer featuring six customizable operators... Continue Reading →

A faster way to select patterns in FL Studio

One way to select patterns in Fl Studio is of course to use the Pattern Selector. An even faster way to select patterns is to use the "Playlist". The Playlist has a list of all the patterns in your project. To jump to a pattern, simply click the pattern name in the Playlist. Click the... Continue Reading →

Image Line Software releases a VST version of the DirectWave Sampler

If you are looking for an inexpensive way to get a software sampler and don't have the budget for more high-end samplers I recomend you check it out DirectWave VSTi. This sampler was previously only available to FL Studio users and is now available as a VST so you can use it with any windows-based... Continue Reading →

Tips: FL Studio 6 – Using the browser to quickly find and load presets

Many people load presets into FL Studio generators/instruments by clicking the "Plugin options" then selecting "Presets". The disadvantage of this method is that once you've selected a preset, the list disappears - so to load a different patch you have to go through all the clicks again. In FL Studio 6, there is a faster... Continue Reading →

Free FPC drum kits for registered FL Studio users

I love the FL Pad Controller (FPC) that comes with FL Studio.  It's a fantastic drum instrument! Many people don't realize that Image Line has provided some free additional kits  on their  Sample Fusion site for registered users. You go directly to the kits here. As of this writing, there are two downloads. The first... Continue Reading →

Get 10% off of the new release of FL Studio

FL Studio 6 just released. FL Studio has always been one of my favorite virtual software music environments - especially if you want to go beyond simply creating music on royalty free loops. This is a fantastic new release with tons of new features. I'll mention a few new features in this post and talk... Continue Reading →

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