(Modulate This) Digital Distribution Releases

Thoughts on Simplification of Digital Distribution + Reissue of my Horror Soundtrack Album “No Ghosts. Just Fear.”

Thoughts on Simplification of Digital Distribution

Like many artists these days I am my own label. As new music publishing services platforms have popped up through the years, I’ve pretty much joined them all just to try them out. Same with social media.

Flotsam and Jetsam

I’ve recently taken pause to review my digital “surface area”. The amount of flotsam and jetsam in this regard was staggering. I still had a MySpace account – haha. My new goal with all this is to go through a serious voluntary simplification move so I could spend less time managing accounts and more time on art.

My objective on the distribution side was to consolidate to one site to manage digital distribution of my releases. Here is what I did – your mileage may vary.

Current State

A few years back, I had already moved from another provider (Tunecore) to CD Baby for my distribution to iTunes, Amazon Music, Google Play, Spotify, and most other digital delivery services. I chose CD Baby as I liked their model where you spend once up front to get the release out to these services – and have the option to add the release to new and up and coming services without getting nickeled and dimed. I also like their download cards for releases. CD Baby lets you opt-out of streaming if this sort of thing bums you out.

Bandcamp was also a fav of mine because it provided an outlet for those who wanted non-DRM MP3 and high-quality MP3-320 or FLAC. I also had put some of this music on SoundCloud and ReverbNation for preview.