Outpost: Airlock – A Free Zebralette & Zebra 2 Soundset

Join Newsletter and Get Notified of Future Releases Download April 16, 2014 update: The outpost has been offline for some time (long story about server moves and such), but it's back! Click here to download a zip file containg the patches. About "OUTPOST: AIRLOCK" is a free soundset made up of patches for U-HE's free... Continue Reading →

The Elves at Modulate This Are Working On a Holiday Gift Sound Pack for You – Vote for Your Synth Format

The elves at Modulate This are working on a holiday gift for you - a free sound pack! As you know it's a busy time of year for elves, so we need some feedback on where to focus our sound design magic. Ableton Live 8 Livepack format is a given. Also, you can download last... Continue Reading →

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