New Waldorf Blofeld Firmware V1.15

I know, I know, three Blofled posts in two days. Sorry about that. Next post won’t be Blofeld, I promise. Anyway, Blofeld 1.15 Firmware is now online. Update includes: MIDI Clock reception improvement System Exclusive handling Workaround for USB on Apple computers Sample/Wavetable start as Modulation Destination User Wavetables Changing Multi Programs via Bank MSB... Continue Reading →

Top 10 Things I Love about the Waldorf Blofeld

I’ve been going on about the Waldorf Blofeld a bit. As you know, I’m pertty much 100% laptop based with piles of VSTs and many have been asking me why I’ve added a hardware synth and why I picked the Blofeld. To put it simply, there are times when I just don’t want to mess... Continue Reading →

I Join the Moog & Theremin Communities with My New Moog Etherwave

Yesterday, I received the last instrumental element of my rig – the Moog Etherwave Theremin. It was actually a gift from my wife and extended family which makes it even more special! I’ve included a few pictures in this post and you can see more over on my Facebook Fan page. If you’ve been following... Continue Reading →

Free Waldorf Blofeld Soundset

Quick post to share this find. 128 sounds from Boele Gerkes and Holger Steinbrink for the Blofeld. Download from here. Mark Mosher Electronic Musician, Boulder, CO

Waldorf Blofeld Synthesizer 411

I've spent quite a bit of time working with the wonderful Waldorf Blofeld Synthesizer. I put together an interactive mindmap of things I've learned that will help you understand the differences between the keyboard and desktop version including the License SL sampling option. Along the way I've also found many links and utilities (such as... Continue Reading →

Teenage Engineering Making headway on OP-1 Portable Synthesizer and Controller

Teenage Engineering is at NAMM 2010 and appears to have made progress with the OP-1 (see video of demo at bottom of post). The OP-1 is a is billed as an “…all-in-one portable Synthesizer, Sampler and Controller. With additional features like the FM Radio and a G-Force sensor for pitch and bend effects.” The synth... Continue Reading →

Moog Little Phatty Tribute Edition – on sale

Musicians friend has the Moog Little Phatty Analog Synthesizer - Tribute Edition on sale for for only 1,379.99 (normally $1475) with free shipping.

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