“The first time I heard Mark Mosher play an electronic music festival, he was the standout of the entire weekend. His music was awesome, and I’ve been a fan ever since. This guy has music technology down!”

Geary Yelton – Publisher/Producer Nightgeist Media | Former Sr. Editor Electronic Musician Magazine 3c8ca1c

“Every note is finely crafted, and not one is wasted, yet it evokes a sense of freedom. Mark’s music is a celebration of possibilities.”

Chris Stack – Experimental synth.com 11350543_1454652061513353_8475980505408127086_n

“Mark, your performances exceeded every expectation. The Videos don’t hold a candle to the awesome experience of your live show. MUST be seen in person to be believed…”

Steve Turnidge – Author “Desktop Mastering”, Seattle, WA) 10355474_10152240899093121_5902728642633783915_o

“Your music is amazing and your performance blew me away. Incredible!”

Matrixsynth, Seattle, WA 10434138_617544301701218_7257571407441389956_n

Goosebumps and Deep Breaths…I’m trying to restrain myself in writing this review as it’d be easy to come off sounding a bit hyperbolic… But these rich soundscape “stories” sincerely do thrill my senses… The concept for Sonic Encounters (so far, and in my interpretation) is this… You read a short text (sometimes the title is…

BlindFlyTheater.com blindflytheater

“Mark’s music is so innovative – simultaneously thought-provoking, intelligent, creative… One could hardly envision a more wonderful application of electronic technology.”

Elzbieta Nolan -Arts Commissioner, Boulder, CO BAC Square Stamp Color Print

“Best Experimental Mix Denver 2014 – Watt? Amplified and Supercharged Music Expression. Mark Mosher organized the Boulder Synthesizer Meet-Up to connect with others interested in using technology in music. He found kindred spirits in internationally touring trombone player Darren Kramer and Victoria Lundy of the Inactivists and the now-defunct Carbon Dioxide Orchestra. The trio played…

Westword Newspaper – Mar 22, 2014 077dd-6a00d83451cae869e201a73dcd7d67970d-320wi

“Some of Denver’s Most Challenging Music Finds a New Audience at DU…Perhaps out of this performance, a new crop of adventurous musicians will take root in Denver or at least a greater awareness of the existence of an experimental scene in Denver spread to people who might be completely ignorant of it.”… [full article]  

Westword Magazine – Oct 20, 2014 I took this as students were starting to stream into our convocation at the amazing Gates Concert Hall