Ableton Releases CV Tools + View Mind Map Summary + Links to How-To Videos from Moog Demo Library

Heads up, Ableton just released a free set of Max for Live devices called CV Tools. In this post I'll offer some info on overview videos, a summary mind map I made to give you a one-page perspective on all this, links to a collection of videos just released on Moog's Demo Library YouTube Channel,... Continue Reading →

Artist Ed Ball Interview on Art + Music + Technology Podcast

I love this interview with artist Ed Ball on Darwin Grosse's Art + Music + Technology podcast so I wanted to spread the word. I found the story of Ed's artist journey inspiring and informative. He's got a great vibe (often hilarious) and interesting perspective on art which I found refreshing. Listen to the Podcast on... Continue Reading →

Video of First Patch with Reaktor 6 Modular Blocks … And It’s a Krell Patch

In addition to composing and rehearsing, myself and most electronic musicians I know also spend quite a bit of time researching and tweaking their hardware and software rigs. In the last few years I've been more inclined to go deeper with narrow set of instruments for my work - both on the hardware and software side... Continue Reading →

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