Show: Tonalities from Orbit

‘Tonalities from Orbit” was first performed on March 24th 2017 at the University of Colorado Atlas Black box as part of “Boulder Laptop Orchestra BLOrK performs with guest Mark Mosher”…

As both the music and visuals are performed live each performance is slightly different. If you’d like to book a performance of this piece use Mark’s contact form.

The performance was captured on video with a GoPro at the back of the venue.



“Tonalities from Orbit” is an original structured improvisational piece inspired by the ground breaking work of Louis and Bebe Barron – who in the 1956 provided the soundtrack to the seminal Scifi film Forbidden Planet. The hand-built circuits they used to create the “electronic tonalities” of this film pre-dated the modern synthesizer and were limited to oscillators (producing mainly square, sine, & triangle waves), ring modulators, overdriven tubes, reverb, and delay (done with tape manipulation).

Informed by these limitations, and using only a Nord Lead 4 synthesizer, Mark created 14 original and expressive “circuit states”. In this performance plays and morphs between these states as a framework for the piece as he brings his version of the Krell to life. The performance is accompanied by Mark’s real-time visuals using only live camera input as a source with audio-responsive automation.