Rocky Mountain Synthesizer Meetup Member Events Listings

I’m using this page to track monthly events hosted by myself and other Rocky Mountain Synthesizer Meetup members. This helps me a) remember all these events and b) schedule events without colliding with other community events.

Most events in our community are scheduled based on some sort of pattern, (like 2nd Tuesday’s or Wednesday’s) but sometimes events move from this pattern or skip months so click the link for each event to verify dates and times.

If you are a member of the Rocky Mountain Synthesizer meetup and I missed your regularly scheduled event, drop me a note here.


Mark Mosher
Synthesist | Composer | Performer

Monthly Schedule

Day of MonthEven Name & Link
Floats. Events always on a weekend. Use link to find info on next eventColorado Modular Synth Society David SotoWMD Denver
1st TuesdayAbleton Denver User Group Darren Kramer and David Whalen Denver
2nd MondayFreq BoutiqueWMD DevicesFort Greene, Denver | YouTube Live Stream
2nd Tuesday or Wednesday
Rocky Mountain Synthesizer Meetup
Mark MosherVenue rotates
3rd MondayBoulder Ableton Live User Group
Travis BeelerKMG Life, Boulder
4th ThursdaySubs Up! – Colorado Music Producer’s MeetupDavid Talbott, Travis Beeler, John LightnerKMG Life, Boulder
4th ThursdayBeat Cypher Justin Forthuber madelife, Boulder
4th FridayPatched Out – Modular Dance PartyWMD DevicesFort Greene, Denver

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