SCI-FI THEMES #2: I Hear Your Signals (2010)

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Genre: Cinematic Techno, Electronic, Soundtrack, Dark Ambient

This is album #2 in a series of alien invasion concept albums containing original electronica, dark ambient, and experimental tracks. This second album in the series, released in 2010, is a retelling of Album #1 – but – from the alien point of view inverted emotional curves!

The albums in this series are orchestrated with classic and contemporary synths sounds and loaded with sound design “ear candy” for synth and Sci-fi fans looking for a soundtrack experience for an epic movie yet to be filmed. If you listen to the tracks in album order, the story unfolds, and the titles of the songs give away the basic plot of each scene, but it’s left up to you – the listener – to fill in the story details. Each song was written to stand on its own as well. The dynamic arrangements and production will reward you for listening with high-quality headphones, stereo systems, or home theater systems.

This album was recorded entirely in the digital realm using virtual synthesizers and Ableton Live. The songs on this album were created using keyboards, grid controllers, theremin (as a controller), and unique visual and tangible controllers such as the Tenori-On and Percussa AudioCubes. This album is filled with a variety of songs from downtempo, EBM, to experimental tracks with electronic tonalities, to songs with melodies that live between keys of well-tempered keyboards. The song “Dark Signals” went to #1 on the SoundClick electronica charts.

If you enjoy this album, checkout the 1st album in the series called “Reboot” which tells this same story but from the human point of view with inverted emotional curves.


released July 12, 2010

Written, performed, programmed, produced, mixed and mastered by Mark Mosher.

Cover photo and design by Mark Mosher.

Released 12 July 2010
(C) (P) 2010 Mark J. Mosher (BMI). Published by Newecho Productions, LLC.