Solo Music / Multimedia Performances

I perform a combination of composed and improvised music and visuals with various synth rigs. After performing on many streams (see related blog posts) in 2020 I’m getting back out there performing live. Check Events page to find out about upcoming shows.

Rocky Mountain Synthesizer Meet

I’m the founder and lead organizer of the Rocky Mountain Syntesizer met and have hosted over 100+ live events with over 28 online events in the last 15 months. We’re working getting back to IRL / Online hybrid.

Sonic Encounters Podcast

Sonic Encounters began as a podcast in 2015 and is in it’s fourth season. There are hours of music in the previous 35+ episodes for you to enjoy. Visit the page to subscribe in your fav podcatcher. There is also a companion album series.

Recording Artist
2003 | 2009-Present

I have 18 releases on Bandcamp and most streaming services such as Spotify. My releases range from music that was synced to picture. to ambient, to experimental to techno. I released 2 albums and 3 singles in the last 12 months.

Modulate This! Synth Blog

Since 2005, I’ve been writing synth tech & technique articles on a blog called Modulate This!. I’ve also gotten to interview some industry artists such as Gary Numan, Reihnold Heil, and Alan Pllard.

Sound Design

I started off doing professional sound design for live theater back in 2003. These days I’m focusing on sound design for synthesizers. I contibuted to the factory sounds for Rob Papen’s Blade, The Rounds pack with Brian Funk, and have released my own packs for U-HE Zebra and Ableton Live. I am currently a freelance consultant and sound designer for Ableton and contributed sounds to the core factory Library for Live 11.

Synth Patrol

I’m the founder and creative director of Synth Patrol through which I produce pop-up electronic music & multimedia performances with rotating squads of players. So far we have produced shows based on graphical scores, a record store take over with live-sampling, and livestreaming conerts. I’m working on new performances for 2021.

The Carbon Dioxide Ensemble (Co2E)

The Carbon Dioxide Ensemble is a collaboration with Thomas Lundy (Copper heart articulated with dry ice), Victoria Lundy (Theremin and effects), and myself (Live sampling & visuals). We focus on live improvisational performance of Musique concrète. We have performed at 6 Concrète Mixer events at the Walnut Room in Denver, The Colorado Modular Synth Fest, a convocation at the Gates Concert Hall for the Lamont School of Music at the University of Denver and openned one of the nights for the international Denver Noise Fest. We’re working on new performances for 2021.


This is a duo with mysefl and friend and mentor Darwin Grosse of Cycling ’74 focusing on intriguing music from odd instruments with generative visuals. Our work is structured-but-improvisational supported by postcard-sized graphical scores. We did a small tour in 2015 in the heartland which was featured in Synthtopia.

A.I. Winter

A.I. Winter is a duo collaboration with Michael O’Bannon (Atlanta, GA) ).  We are the self-appointed harbinger of the progress of Artificial Intelligence toward world domination.  It imposes its musical interpretations of cosmic machine consciousness on the world at large. We’ve released an EP called Instantiate with plans for future releases.

Mosher – Deane Duo

This duo featured myself and late Dino J.A. Deane, Dino was dear friend an an one of my improv mentors. Our last performance was October 2019 before he moved to the four corners in Colorado. I have some unreleased sessions that I’ll be posting soon.

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