Active Projects

Modulate This! Synth Blog Author

Since 2005, I’ve been blogging on electronic music technology and technique as a way to give back to the community. Visit the blog at Some highlights throughout the years include: Interview with Gary Numan Interview with Composer Reinhold Heil on His Work on The Helix TV Series on SyFy I continued to share research […]

Rocky Mountain Synthesizer Meetup

The Rocky Mountain Synthesizer Meetup which I founded in 2012 is the home of 675+ Denver & Boulder Front Range synth geeks. It’s a community where synth enthusiasts of all levels meet to share their passion for synths, network, get inspired, get hands-on with gear, share info about projects, find collaborators. It was winner of […]

Music Technology Mindmaps

I’ve been using mindmaps for creativity, brainstorming, organizing, planning, writing and taking notes for many years now. My favorite mindmapping app is Mindmeister which works on the web, and on mobile devices. You can view the maps for free. For me, Mindmapping was a real life changer and Mindmeister is a top notch and affordable […]

Artist Talks & Technology Consulting

I’m available as a speaker, facilitator, or for advisory consultanting. Contact Me to Book a Session Artist Talk Backs -I was named one of “Twelve of Colorado’s Greatest Synthesizer Artists” – Westword Magazine, May 9th 2017 and I do presentations on my artistic process and use of technology in my shows and recordings. Music Technology – I’m […]

The Carbon Dioxide Ensemble (Co2E) Collaboration

The Carbon Dioxide Ensemble is a collaboration with Thomas Lundy, Victoria Lundy, and Mark Mosher. In this ensemble we focus  on live improvisational performance of Musique concrète. In this unique act I use the Elektron Octatrack dynamic performance sampler to live sample Thomas Lundy as he manipulates a Copper Heart and other objects with dry ice. Victoria Lundy accompanies […]

A.I. Winter Collaboration

    A.I. Winter is a duo collaboration with Michael O’Bannon (Atlanta, GA) and Mark Mosher (Boulder, CO).  We are the self-appointed harbinger of the progress of Artificial Intelligence toward world domination.  It imposes its musical interpretations of cosmic machine consciousness on the world at large. Follow us on Facebook. A.I. Winter EP ”From the barren nanoscapes inside […]

(no)poem Collaboration

My good friend Darwin Grosse and I formed a new duo called (no)poem to support our performances and recorded work. Check out our new web site at Darwin Grosse is director of education and customer services for Cycling ’74 (Max). He is the  creator and host of the art+music+technologypodcast. Darwin also launched a brand new blog called All Things Modular. […]

Science Fiction Theme Albums

The albums in this series are orchestrated with classic and contemporary synth sounds and loaded with sound design “ear candy” for synth and Sci-fi fans looking for a soundtrack experience for an epic movie yet to be filmed. If you listen to the tracks in album order, the story unfolds, and the titles of the […]

Newecho Productions, LLC

Newecho Productions, LLC is a digital publishing and technology consulting company founded by Mark Mosher in Boulder, CO. Contact Mark if you have any questions.