In addition to performing live I also do behind-the-scenes artist talks on my artistic process and use of technology in my shows and recordings. I’ve also consulted with Recording Magazine, Keyboard Magazine, and the Adams County School District on music technology in STEM education. Contact me if you are interesting in booking me for an appearance.

To date I’ve presented at:

  1. Ableton University Tour at University of Colorado Boulder
  2. University of Denver
  3. Mountain Oasis Festival in Asheville,NC
  4. Georgia Tech in Atlanta Georgia
  5. The Microsoft Store in Denver
  6. The Art Institute of Sunnyvalle, CO
  7. Electro-Music Festival NY
  8. Midwest Electro-Music Experience in Indianapolis
  9. Pacific Northwest Synthfest in Seattle,Wa
  10. Madelife Boulder
  11. The Boulder Synthesizer Meetup
  12. The Ableton Denver User Group
  13. Denver County Fair
  14. Boulder Digital Arts Salon Series

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