I’ve started a new project so I thought I’d add this to the projects section of my artist site. I’m beta testing early builds of a new instrument from Percussa (makers of the AudioCubes) called Synthor.

It’s a wireless modular synthesizer using AudioCubes!

  • Each cube takes on the role of a module.
  • Putting a cube next to another cube is like plugging in patch cables so signal flows through the “patch” wirelessly using infrared.
  • Manipulating the distance of the cube modules changes the intensity of the signal.

It’s very early days with this instrument and already a very intriguing take on modular synthesis. I love the idea of being to throw a wireless modular syntheizer in a backpack :^)

Percussa has many more improvements and new modules coming before they release. When I get further along I’ll do some posts on this project so make sure you subscribe to the blog.

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