Science Fiction Theme Albums


The albums in this series are orchestrated with classic and contemporary synth sounds and loaded with sound design “ear candy” for synth and Sci-fi fans looking for a soundtrack experience for an epic movie yet to be filmed. If you listen to the tracks in album order, the story unfolds, and the titles of the songs give away the basic plot of each scene, but it’s left up to you – the listener – to fill in the story details. Each song was written to stand on its own as well.

Available on Bandcamp, iTunes, Spotify, and most online music store outlets.

#1 Reboot – 2009

This first album in the series, released in 2009, tells this tale of an alien invasion from the human point of view. Stylistically, it is loaded with electronica, dark ambient, and experimental tracks. This album was recorded entirely in the digital realm using virtual synthesizers and Ableton Live. I worked on the album for an elapsed two years before release. Prior to the release of the album, the first three tracks were released as singles. “Midnight” and “Stealth” went to #1 and “They Walk Among Us” went to #2 on the SoundClick electronica charts.

Genre: Electronic: Electronica
Release Date: 2009
Composed, Arranged, Programmed, Performed, Produced and Mastered by Mark Mosher
Performed on Ableton Live, Novation Keyboards
Cover Photo and Desing by Mark Mosher
(c)(p) 2009 Mark J. Mosher (BMI) – Published by Newecho Productions, LLC –  CC BY-NC

#2 I Hear Your Signals – 2010

I Hear Your Signals is album #2 in the series and retells the story of Reboot – but – from the alien point of view. In other words all the emotional curves are inverted. Alternative controllers such as gesture-based infrared Percussa AudioCubes and Theremin pitch-to-MIDI were used allowing me to go beyond the well-tempered 12-tone scale and to achieve very unique expressive results.

Genre: Electronic: Electronica
Composed, Arranged, Programmed, Performed, Produced and Mastered by Mark Mosher
Performed on Ableton Live, Yamaha Tenori-On, Percussa AudioCubes, Novation Keyboards and Launchpad
Released 12 July 2010
(C) (P) 2010 Mark J. Mosher (BMI) – Published by Newecho Productions, LLC –  CC BY-NC
Cover Photo by Mark Mosher

#3 Fear Cannot Save Us – 2014

Fear Cannot Save Us is album #3 in the series. This third album, released in 2014, tells the story of the transformation of a human to an alien hybrid being. The album takes you through our hero’s journey as they rapidly coevolve and become self-aware and aware of their mission for revolution. Assuming evolution does not imply direction, could the change benefit mankind?

On another level this album is also allegorical. It’s about tolerance for people who seem different and strange to us. It’s also about people accepting change in themselves. On a third level, the album and the series are a nod to my love for classic Sci-fi films.

Bringing this album to life is the culmination of over three years of work. This work included going deep and studying the sound design possibilities of a small number of monster digital synthesizers such as Absynth, Zebra, and ElectraX as well as circuit-modelled analog synthesizers such as ACE and Saurus. To give the album an organic feel and sense of place, I manipulated my field recordings using Ableton Sampler. I also worked to find ways to “see through the eyes” of great guitarists, not to emulate guitar tone per se, but to instead apply concepts like non-linear distortion and wave shaping within feedback circuits to add more dynamics, emotion and expression to my sounds and performances. I hope you enjoy the sonic detail and emotion that will emerge and evolve with multiple listens.

Listen to my interview on the Art-Music-Technology Podast where I talk about the making of this album.

Genre: Electronic: Electronica
Written, performed, programmed, produced, and mixed by Mark Mosher.
Performed on Ableton Live 9, Ableton Push, Yamaha Tenori-On, Percussa AudioCubes, Novation Keyboards, and Native Instruments Maschine.
Mastered by Gannon Kashiwa.
Cover photo and design by Mark Mosher with art direction assistance from Dave Weed (Adwerks) and Victoria Lundy (Cuttlefish Arts).
(c)(p) 2010-2014 Mark J. Mosher (BMI) – Published by Newecho Productions, LLC – CC BY-NC

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