Pop-Up Concerts & Installations

Pop-up concerts and installations are self-contained – meaning – I bring everything that is needed from an infrastructure point of view to perform the event including video projectors. So while these events certainly can take place in a traditional venue and leverage house equipment they don’t rely on this. This means they can pop-up anywhere there is electricity. For example –  museums, libraries, and event space… you get the idea.

Producer Credits

  • Visuals for Concrete Mixer Series
  • Spooky Cam Installation for Denver Central Library’s Trick-or-Treat Street – October 2016
  • AudioCube/Ableton Live Installation at Dr. Bob’s Interactive Sonic Experience Mountain Oasis Festival in Asheville, NC – Bob Moog Foundation (see video below)
  • Tim Thompson’s Space Palette – Denver County Fair
  • Mixed Signals Concert 2015 – Dairy Center for the Performing Arts. Blog Post. Audio Recording of Finale.
  • Watt? Concert 2012 –  Dairy Center for the Performing Arts. Winner of “2014 Best of Denver Arts & Entertainment: Watt? Amplified and Supercharged Music Expression” – Westword Magazine