13th planet – Denver Synth_Drone Collective (2017)


Genre: Ambient, Drone

released August 21, 2017

kuxaan-sum – modular synth

Sean Patrick Faling- Korg MS-10 with SQ-1 sequencer and Raj Musicals Analog Tanbura

Mark Mosher – Ableton Live/Granulator II Max for Live device with Push 2 and Xbox Wireless Controller

Chris Sessions – Access Virus Ti2

bios+a+ic – Moog Sub Phatty

Recorded live for textures ambient showcase at Mutiny Information Cafe, Denver, CO, November 27, 2016 (tracks 1-4) with all 5 artists. Track 5 was recorded September 25, 2016 featuring kuxaan-sum and bios+a+ic as a duo.

Edited and mastered by wesley davis at symbolic insight studios Denver, Colorado

cover art – video still by 75 Ohms, processed & finalized by bios+a+ic

symbolicinsight digi 040

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