Visuals for Concerts, Events, & Installations

Unique interactive visuals for concerts, events, environments, and installations with both real-time visuals with live camera input as a source along with pre-arranged assets to create a custom show.

I was a runner up in Denver Westword Magazine’s Best Visuals for Experimental Music 2016.


Active video artists from VJ Dizy Pixl and Orchidz3ro to Mark Mosher, Kim Shively and Chris Bagley are adding an immersive element to largely experimental music shows.”


  • Show creation
  • Show automation
  • Real-time VJ
  • Projection Mapping


  1. What? – Dairy Center for the Arts
  2. Mixed Signals – Dairy Center for the Arts
  3. Concrete Mixer Concert series 1-6
  4. Denver Central Library “Trick or Treat Street” Installation
  5. CD Release for Victoria Lundy
  6. The Sound of SciFi Performance
  7. Textures Ambient Showcase

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