I’m a member of the following collaborative ensembles:

  1. Carbon Dioxide Ensembler (CO2e) with Denver artists Thomas Lundy and Victoria Lundy established in 2013. Performances at Concréte Mixer Concert series 1-6 which included a convocation at the Lamont School of Music at Denver University and performance with Mark Spybey from Dead Voices on Air. Checkout some live concert video.
  2. (no)poem duo with Minnesota artist Darwin Grosse established in 2015. Photos from “Heartland” tour in the summer of 2015
  3. Denver Synth_Drone Collective with artists Wesley Davis, Kuxaan Sum, Sean Patrick Faling, and Chris Sessions. Here is a recording of one of our performances.
  4. A.I. Winter duo with Atlanta artist Michael O’Bannon established in 2014. Instantiate  EP which was recorded live at Electro-Music NY 2014