This a page with some links to projects and performances I’ve done with Percussa AudioCubes.

VideosLive Performance

  1. Live “Derezzed” cover (Mile High Edit)
  2. “I Can See Them” Live at Electro Music Festival Asheville, NC (Video footage credit Steve Mokris).
  3. “Control Zone” featuring AudioCubes + Theremin
  4. “Alone” performed on AudioCubes
  5. Before We Wake” live from Electro-Music Festival NY-HD
  6. Mark Mosher at Rocky Mountain Synthesizer Meetup + Beat Cypther Event 10-24-2019


  1. Installation at Bob Moog Foundation Event at Mountain Oasis Festival
  2. AudioCube Jam with 9 Box Casual Musical Instrument at Electro-Music 2011 Festival in NY
  3. 9 Box Install Adams 12 STEM Magnet School: Teacher Gives System a Try

Sound Design, Sketches & Demos

  1. Mark Mosher Launchpad Pro MK3 & Percussa AudioCubes Jam 01
  2. Clip from Guthman Musical Instrument Competition at Georgia Tech
  3. Sound Design Experiment with Aalto and AudioCubes
  4. Tangible Patching of U-HE ACE with Percussa AudioCubes and MidiBridge v3

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