Artist Statement

I love making electronic music and performing live multimedia concerts and have been doing so for decades with hardware and software synthesizers.

I really enjoy helping people grok synth tech & technique by writing synth tech & technique blog posts! and giving occasional artist talks. I also love building community through the Rocky Mountain Synth Meet so artists can connect and create more digital art.

I get a lot of joy out of sharing my music on Bandcamp and through my Sonic Encounters Podcast so that anyone can listen for free. I feel fortunate and grateful to have some super synth geek sci-fi electronic music fans who dig my music enough to support my work via Bandcamp buys.

While I’ve been a musician and composer for many years, 7 years ago I fell in love with improvisational performance. This lead me to joining the Carbon Dioxide Ensemble and forming Synth Patrol, a multimedia performance troupe.

I view my artistic work as a garden to tend. This, in addition to organizing with mind maps, allows me to have a large number of projects in flight and to trickle out creative releases in a tranquil manor.

Mark Mosher