Archived Projects

Head Full of Zombies

Hi this is Mark Mosher, former member of the Head Full of Zombies (HFOZ). HFOZ was an alt-rock band active in Colorado Springs from 1989-2011. The band had many members throughout the years, had a great fan base, and won Best Local Band multiple times in people’s choice votes for local papers. Once the band called […]

9 Box AudioCubes Instrument/Installation

What is the 9 Box? Part collaborative instrument, part interactive installation – the 9 Box allows up to four casualplayers to instantly make music and shape sound by manipulating blocks called Percussa AudioCubes. What Are AudioCubes? AudioCubes, made by Percussa,  are smart wireless cubes capable of sensing each other’s location and orientation as well as distance […]

Ableton Live Pack – Sounds from a Distant Outpost

  ABOUT Sounds From a Distant Outpost is a sound set in Ableton Live Pack format and can be used with Live standard and Suite. I first released this as a holiday give for my Modulate This! readers back in 2010 and the Live Pack has been downloaded thousands of times since then. Sounds From a […]

Outpost: Airlock Zebralette / Zebra 2 Soundset

Download Click here to download a zip file contacting the patches. This live pack is FREE. See license details below. About “OUTPOST: AIRLOCK” is a free soundset made up of patches for U-HE’s free shareware synthesizer Zebralette. The patches will also load into Zebra 2. This themed soundset picks up where “Sounds from a Distant […]