About Mark Mosher

Photo of Mark Mosher - Electronic Music Composer and Performer, Boulder, CO

 I am a Boulder-based synth composer / performer, multimedia artist, and organizer of the Rocky Mountain Synthesizer Meetup. My discography with 12 releases spans back 10 years.

I perform solo, with the Carbon Dioxide Ensemble, and I am the Creative Director of Synth Patrol which is an improvisational multimedia performance troupe.

I’m also known for my interactive visuals and multimedia performances based on live camera input and visual synthesis.

I’ve had the honor of being recognized in multiple Westword magazine “best of Denver” editions (see my Testimonials & Buzz page).

See more live performance videos on my solo set page

Here is a select list of some past venues from past performances.

  • The CU Atlas Institute Black Box, CO
  • CU College of Music, CO
  • University of Denver’s Performance Black Box, CO
  • The Gordon Gamm Theater at Dairy Center for the Performing Arts in Boulder, CO
  • The Microsoft Store in Denver, CO
  • Electro-Music Festivals in NY, Indy, and Asheville, NC
  • Mountain Skies Festival Asheville, NC
  • Pacific Northwest Synthfest Seattle, WA
  • Art Institute of Sunnyvale, CA
  • Georgia Tech College of Design (Guthman Musical Instrument Competition)
  • Vance Brand Auditorium in Longmont, CO

As a music technologist I’m a recognized expert at Ableton Live and have been invited by Ableton to do a talk and performances for their University Tour and to speak at internal events. I’ve also prived consulting on Ableton to Keyboard Magazine, Recording Magazine, and STEM/STEAM schools in Denver.

I have also created some installations for organizations like the City of Denver and the Bob Moog Foundation.

When not creating and playing music and visuals – I enjoy travel, reading, skiing, mountain biking, hiking and outdoor life in and around Boulder Colorado.

See my CV for a full list of credits.