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Hi it’s Mark. Here is what I’ve been focusing on lately with a few related blog posts. See all blog posts here.

In January 2021…

I’m dialing it a back a bit in January to recharge my batteries and focus on “play”. I’ve been doing fun musical sessions with no end-goal in mind. One of these sessions turned into a Sonic Encounters Podcast episode.

Speaking of fun I also started learning Norwegian using Duolingo. Jeg elsker Norsk!

And speaking of podcasts, I was also a guest for a week on the movies-by-minute podcast This Means Something which focuses on the classic film Close Encounters of the Third Kind. In addition to discussing the film I also recount some stories of a visit to Roswell and the whacky UFO Watchtower in Southern Colorado and more.

I’ve also been wring a few synth geek posts on the category Modulate This!.

In December 2020…

Whoa! December was busy!!!

  • I finished an electo studio album called Beautiful Tomorrows. This was a few years in the works and features an amazing cover by Victoria Lundy of Cuttlefish arts. It’s available pretty much everywhere but Apple Music.
  • I’ve been doing some freelance work as a consultant and sound designer for Ableton to help out with the release of Live 11. I hosted the official Colorado livestream event on Live 11 which also celebrated the 100th Rocky Mountain Synthesizer Meet which I founded in 2012.
  • I curated and performed a live streaming concert called Synth Patrol: FRIENDS ELECTRIC Concert. My live performance of the song “Beguiled” was released as a single.

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My name is Mark Mosher and I’m a Boulder based synthesist, electronic musician, live visualist, and music technologist. To listen to my original music swing by my Music and Podcast pages. I’m the founder of the Rocky Mountain Synthesizer Meet which is here.

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