Welcome to my “Now” Page!

Hi it’s Mark. Here is a list of a few projects I’m working on as of Feb 27, 2021. Scroll down the page for some groovy music and videos.

  1. Freelancing as a consultant and sound designer with Ableton on Live 11. I have 4 MPE presets in the core library. Blog post on this soon. 🎉.
  2. Composing & releasing new music into Bandcamp, Spotify and beyond…
  3. Organizing monthly online events for the Rocky Mountain Synth Meet
  4. Working on a new DAWless performance rig and new live set with Deluge, ZOIA, MicroFreak
  5.  Releasing new music on my Sonic Encounters Podcast
  6. Posting musical sketches on Instagram and YouTube
  7. Learning Norwegian. Jeg elsker Norsk!
  8. Blogging artist news and Modulate This! Synth Tech & Technique posts which you can receive via email if you opt-in…

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Latest Music Releases

Since December I’ve released 2 singles, an EP, and two sonic Encounters Podcast Episodes. I’ve also been a guest on a podcast. See my full catalog with 17 releases spanning back over 10 years on Bandcamp or search for my name name your fav music app.


A journey through the rise and fall of Beautiful Tomorrows, the theme park of the future. This EP is part 1 of this sonic journey.

Music: Written and produced by Mark Mosher
Cover Concept: Mark Mosher and Victoria Lundy
Cover Design: Victoria Lundy (Cuttlefish Arts)



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Guest on This Means Something Podcast

I was also a guest for a week on the movies-by-minute podcast This Means Something which focuses on the classic film Close Encounters of the Third Kind. I’m on Episodes 26-30. Episode 26 is below. Visit their site for to listen to the entire series.

Videos: Featured & Latest

More on YouTube and Instagram.

Featured Videos

I was bummed to hear Daft Punk has split up. So for this month’s featured videos I present cover of “Derezzed” in I made back in 2013.

Video of the live recording session for the single “Beguiled”

This is a excerpt from a live performance of my single “Disconnected” recorded live at the Mountain Skies Festival in Asheville, NC in 2019

Video of the live recording session for the single “Secret Drive to Baden-Baden”

This is recording of my 10 minute live stream set from the Rocky Mountain Synthesizer Meet 8th birthday party concert. Music and visuals are performed in real-time.

Mark Mosher Guest Solo Performance – Boulder Laptop Orchestra Event at CU Atlas Institute

Latest Videos

Latest Artist News

Here are my latest blog posts. I’ve been blogging on my art and artistic process since 2008 so use search and category pull-down to look back through the archives.

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I’ve been blogging on synth tech & technique and the electronic music industry since 2005. Modulate This! was once a stand-alone blog but now lives on as a category within this site.

Featured Posts:

Interview with Gary Numan

Category with tips on live streaming

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