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Please join me on YouTube Saturday May 28th where I’ll be hosting and performing in the for the Rocky Mountain Synthesizer 2022 Drone Day Celebration Livestream. The concert starts at 10am and features drone performance videos from 18 of our members! Click here (or use link in bio) to set a reminder https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoyZcJzyeBpE7iWDAtC-yxA/live. While you are there please take a moment to subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Drone Day (https://droneday.org) is an annual celebration of drone, community, and experimental sounds dreamed up by https://marieflanagan.com/ and https://weirdcanada.com/ and vibrated into existence by communities and droners around the world.

Visit https://droneday.org/events.html to learn about all drone event celebrations. Our event is listed as “Boulder, CO United States”.

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A fun multimedia video I originally posted as a YouTube short.
Video for my song Doppelgänger which I premiered on the big Modular-World Anniversery Show. This video was also selected for the Convivial Machines Exhibit at the Museum of Boulder.
Wow, I got to play the balcony of the Buell Theater under the dome of the Denver Performing Arts Complex in November. Here is a 1-minute excerpt.
It was such an amazing gig, I did a behind-the-scenes video. Hereare photos and videos from the show. Here is a detailed BTS blog post.
A quick look at a 1-minute jam with primary creative “instrument”, Ableton Live + Push 2 + Launchcontrol XL with a custom skin. Woo hoo!
I’ve owned Octatrack since 2013. Do I still jam with it. Hell yeah!

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