I’m a synthesist, electronic musician, and multimedia artist from Louisville, Colorado who composes and improvises original music spanning from experimental cinematic soundscapes to techno. I’ve released 19 recordings over the last 12 years.

I have performed at concerts and festivals in the New York, Asheville, Seattle, Sunnyvale, and Atlanta. Locally, I’ve had the honor of performing for at events City of Denver, CU, DU, the Boulder Dairy Arts Center, the Lafayette Electronic Arts Festival [LEAF] and I’m active in the local synth scene.

I’ve been helping foster the local arts community since 2012 as the founder of the Rocky Mountain Synthesizer Meet through which he I have hosted over 110 free events, workshops, and concerts.

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Upcoming Events

Friday, Oct 22nd 7-10pm MDT
I’ll be Performing Visuals

r beny, Tim Held, Gerald Fjord, The Aefonic, ALX-106, Sine Mountain Concert

Space Gallery Denver | Map | Tickets

Friday, Oct 29 5-8pm MDT
I have 2 Videos in this Installation

Museum of Boulder Convivial Machines with Boulder Experiments in Art and Technology Opening Night

Museum of Boulder | Map

Friday, Nov 12th 5:30-7pm
I’ll be performing a 1 Hour Musical Set

Art + Music Balcony Series: HERE again STILL Opening Reception

Buell Theatre at Denver Performing Arts Complex

Registration / Details | Map

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