Photos and Video from Opening Night of Convivial Machines Exhibit at the Museum of Boulder

Last night’s Convivial Machines exhibit opening was so fun!

My video Doppelgänger was selected for the exhibit.

Below are a some pics from opening night. Most were screen grabs from my GoPro. I also added some GoPro footage of a walkthrough of the exhibit during opening night.

Oh, and f you missed my teaser video for the opening from my first post on this, here it is once again.

If you missed the opening, remember the exhibit runs through February so stop on by the museum



This is just some unedited GoPro footage of me walking through the Convivial Machine exhibit on opening night. Note that in the “Dark Side” room they had a DJ for the opening celebration so all the audio from the installations and videos were turned off.


It was a great turnout and it was nice to connect with so many people so thanks to all those who stopped in. So nice to see all the exhibits up and running and meet all the other artists and technologists in the show.

Huge thanks to Museum of Boulder and Boulder Experiments in Art and Technology (B.E.A.T) for creating this exhibit and for throwing such a great event.

Visit the Exhibit Between Now and Feburary

This exhibit runs through February of 2020 so stop on by. More info here

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3 responses to “Photos and Video from Opening Night of Convivial Machines Exhibit at the Museum of Boulder”

    • Refresh this post and you’ll see I’ve added a GoPro walkthrough. I didn’t get a chance to explore the instrument in detail I know it’s based on Ableton Live. I’ll do a deeper dive on the exhibits in a future exhibit.


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