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Performed Today Livestream Event To Explore Synced Modular Synth Performance

I’ll be pairing up to improvise with The Aefonic for this live stream which starts at 2PM Mountain on Today. Brian and I will have a crazy and expressive setup with Happy Circuit ML:2 serving as an ad-hoc wi-fi network for link. So Ableton Link, MIDI, and CV Clock – oh my. Also, Deluge, iPads, Eurorack,

“Artist share a clock source for a tandem exploration into modular synthesis. After each performance we break down the patch…”

Here is a replay of the livestream. If you watch this on YouTube itself you can see the live chat from the event as well.

Rig & Routing Notes

The Aefonic (Brian Horsfield) Rig:

  • Soma Pulsar 23 sequenced via MIDI via iPad with additional audio-in from Mark’s Bitbox Micro. Also sending audio to Mark’s rig as live sample source.
  • iPad: Patterning 2 clocked to Ableton Link. Sequencing Pulsar-2. No audio from Patterning 2.

Mark Mosher Rig:

  • Eurorack: Master clock =  Happy Circuit ML:2 Eurorack Clock Generator operating as a WiFi access point, Pamela’s new workout clocked to ML:2 then out to other modules in the rig > Bitbox Micro, Morphagene (with live input from Brian’s rig + input from Bitbox micro), Intellijel Multi-FX, Intellijel Planar2.
  • Synthstrom Deluge reciving CV clock-in receiving audio from Eurorack for percussion, live sampling, using audio input as an oscillator source.
  • iPad: Master FX chain using AUM and plugin FX under control of Novation Launch Control XL. Samplr for live granular performance. All clocked via Ableton Link via ML:2.
  • Focursite 4i4 Audio Interface with Powered USB Hub.




By Mark Mosher

Synthesist, Electronic Musician, Multimedia Artist | Founder of the Rocky Mountain Synth Meet and Synth Patrol