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New Releases for Bandcamp Friday Feb 5th Including “Droid 164 Gets Distracted by a Wildflower”

Last month I released the song “Droid 164 Gets Distracted by a Wildflower” as a Sonic Encounters podcast episode which means it will eventually be on the Sonic Encounters Volume 04 album.

I decided I wanted to get this song into wider distribution before then so I released it as a single into wider distribution. So I designed a cover and let it fly on various outlets. Use this Distrokid hyperfollow page for links or search for my name on your fav music app.

New Releases for Bandcamp Friday

Since December I’ve released “Droid 164 Gets Distracted by a Wildflower”, another single called “Beguiled” and my new EP Beautiful Tomorrows.

Synthesist Mark Mosher releases a journey through the rise and fall of Beautiful Tomorrows, the theme park of the future. This EP is part 1 of this sonic journey.

Music: Written and produced by Mark Mosher
Cover Concept: Mark Mosher and Victoria Lundy (Cuttlefish Arts)
Cover Design: Victoria Lundy (Cuttlefish Arts)

If you haven’t picked them up yet (or music from your other fav artists) Friday Feb 5th is a good day to do it as it is Bandcamp Friday. On this day Bandcamp waives their fees giving artists a bigger share which is up to 93% after payment processing fees.

Including the new releases and the aforementioned Sonic Encounters albums series I have are 17 releases spanning back over 10 years for your listening pleasure.

Check it out at

By Mark Mosher

Synthesist, Electronic Musician, Multimedia Artist | Founder of the Rocky Mountain Synth Meet and Synth Patrol

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