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Bandcamp Friday + My New Single + Releases from Synth Friends + Colorado Modular Synth Society Bandcamp Listening Party

Bandcamp Friday!

A friendly reminder that today (Friday Dec 4th) is Bandcamp Friday where Bandcamp waives their fees giving artists a bigger share. So it’s a great day to buy some music from your fav artists.

My Latest Bandcamp Single

In a related note, I’ve just released a new single called “Beguiled”. It’s the audio from a live recording I did for the Synth Patrol: FREINDS ELECTRIC Livestream 001.

Performed using only an Elektron Digitone the song features some trippy on and off-grid polyrhythms.

You can stream or buy the song name your price here Beguiled | Mark Mosher (

Swing by to check out the entire catalog with 16 releases.

Here is a video of the song being performed in one real-time pass.

Some New Music from Synth Friends


monoscene is a good friend who is behind-the-scenes on a ton of live streaming concerts for the Colorado Modular Synth Society and Freq Boutique. He also helped me out with the Rocky Mountain Synthesizer Meet 8th B-day Concert.

He’s just started releasing music on Bandcamp and Spotify. His new single Fragile Existence is sublime so give this a listen and please show your support!

The Aefonic

My friend The Aefonic released this EP featuring 3 remixed and remastered versions of his awesome “Lifting The Light” track on Bandcamp. He’s also on Spotify.

Darwin Grosse

My friend Darwin (host of the amazing Art + Music + Technlogy Podcast just released 2600​.​repast on Bandcamp.

This album is about a point in time – and a set of gear that I’ve dedicated myself to learn. The sole sound source is a (Korg) Arp 2600, fed into a monome norns running a modified version of the MLR software. The modular system has a small ‘sidecar’ of modules, primarily featuring a monome ansible, SnazzyFX Ardcore, Make Noise Maths and Mutable Instruments Clouds.

Sine Mountain

Friend Sine Mountain (who is also the organizer of the Colorado Modular Synth Society) has a new EP called Machines To Move Us Across Space.

Bandcamp Listening Party for Colorado Modular Synth Artists!

Speaking of the Colorado Modular Synth Society, they are hosing a Bandcamp listening party tonight on YouTube.

Swing by to set a reminder or to watch in replay later.


Mark Mosher

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