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Getting to Know Ableton Live 11 + Push 2 Polyphonic Aftertouch + Community Events + 20% Discount + How To Join the Public Live 11 Beta

Live 11 has been announced. Woo hoo! I’ve been working with it in private beta for a while so I’m excited to be able to do some posts on this now.

In this first post on Live 11, I want to offer some resources to help your wrap you head around what’s new.

There are soooo many new features and improvements. Live 11 is more than the sum of it’s parts and once you start using the Live 11 beta you’ll find it hard to go back to 10.

I’ve been working a lot with the new MPE capabilities so I’ll more detailed posts on this in the future.

More on getting to know Ableton Live 11, Push 2 Polyphonic Aftertouch, community events, 20% Discount offer, and how to join the Public Live 11 Beta below.

Getting to Know Live 11

Trying to summarize the huge amount of features wouldn’t do the update justice so instead I’ve curated official resources and a few community resources I thought were spot on and concise after being the beta for a while.

YouTube Playlist for Official Ableton Live 11 Videos

Here is a YouTube playlist which kicks off with a 3m49s teaser video to help frame up this release. On the date of this post it has 5 videos in it.

What’s New in Live 11 Page

A List of All New Features in Ableton Live 11

Compare Editions Page

Wondering what comes with which edition? Ableton has updated the page to add Live 11 features.

Release Notes

Community Resources

Live 11 Adds MPE + Push 2 Polyphonic Aftertouch

Before we move on I wanted to call out two of my favorite features. First off Live adds MPE support. Second, and somewhat buried in the huge list of features…

Push 2 now supports polyphonic aftertouch!!!

Once the Push 2 firmware has been applied you can toggle Mono or Poly pressure in the setup page.

As you can see Ableton continues to make Push 2 more useful with incremental and point releases.

Visualizations for new devices: See visualizations of key parameters in Hybrid Reverb, Spectral Resonator and Spectral Time on Push’s color display and control them directly from the hardware.

Key and Scale sync: The Key and Scale feature in Live 11 is linked to Push and can be changed per clip.

Polyphonic aftertouch support: Apply different levels of aftertouch to individual notes when using Wavetable, Sampler, Arpeggiator and supported VSTs for more nuanced and dynamic performances on Push.

See up to 16 Macros: In Live 11, access Macros 9-16 from a second page after the Rack page with Macros 1-8. The second page appears automatically once you map more than eight Macros.

You might have already seen this video in the playlist above, but here is the official Ableton Live 11: MPE video.

I want to point out that you don’t need an MPE controller to take advantage of MPE. The new Expression View allows you to “Add and edit pitch, timbre and pressure variations of individual notes directly in a new tab in the Clip Detail View.” You can see that at about 46s in this video. In other words you can draw in super interesting pitch envelopes to manipulate synth parameters and pitch that were not available in Live 10.

They illustrate Push 2 poly pressure about 1 minute in.

Fav Overview Video

Ok, there are already a CRAZY amount of “What’s New in Live 11” and reaction videos out there already. After working with the beta for a while I wanted to find a video that just got to it.

My fav so far is by the 48 minute video by Slynk – Ableton Live 11: Every New Feature Explained And Demonstrated (Comping, MPE Support, Tempo Follower). Chapter hyperlinks are in the YouTube description.

His example of the new Tempo Follower feature at 1:49 is really fun and shows off how damn accurate Follow can be.

Some certified trainers I know are getting up a head of steam to do short videos focusing on a single feature per video. I’ll do a future posts on some of these once they get more vids into playlists.

Fav Blog Post

Peter Kirn over on CDM wrote an epic post Ableton Live 11 is coming; feature by feature, here’s what’s new in detail.

Slow burn love

There’s not much in this upgrade. Wait, no, this is actually a huge upgrade.

There’s a sort of a cycle that happens with Ableton Live updates. Ableton are conservative about updates. The upside of that is, it’s very rare they’ll touch stuff you like. But it does mean that you don’t always get constant updates packed with features or radical changes. What you do get is a lot of small changes bundled into big updates, and a lot of additions that had been requested a long time, but implemented with real care. So I find that Live updates normally get some disappointment at first … until people dig in and find out what actually changed.

After working with Live 11 beta I agree completely with his sentiments – the update is huge!

Explore Live 11 at Ableton Community Events

Ableton has a listing of Live 11 community events around the globe here

Note, I’m hosting a free online Denver event Special Event Celebrating 100th Rocky Mountain Synthesizer Meet and Live 11 on December 8th at 7PM MST.

At this event, Ableton Brand manager Serafin Sanchez will be presenting on a variety of new workflow features and Mark Mosher will be presenting on new MPE capabilities and offer a primer on MPE sound design in Live 11.

20% Discount

For new users, Ableton is offering a 20% discount on Live 10 with a free upgrade to Live 11.

If you are an existing user they are have a limited-time offer to save 20% on your upgrade to Live 11.

Log into your Ableton account and visit to see pricing based on your past purchases and Live edition.

Live 11 Public Beta

Ableton typically rolls out the Public Beta in waves. Visit this page to learn more about the Public Beta Program and signup

More Posts On Live 11

As I mentioned I’ve been working with Live 11 and have been doing some MPE sound design work. I’ll post more on Live 11 as time goes on so subscribe if you want to be notified via email of new posts.

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