(Modulate This) MPE Sensel Morph

Video Series On MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE)

A friend loaned me a Sensel Morph last week. Just as I was settling in to sorting out MPE from the Morph my friends over at Synthtopia blogged about the a KVR video offering an intro to MPE. Perfect timing Synthtopia!

It ends up this is a video series on MPE so I’ve embedded the playlist below which starts with the “00 An Introduction to MIDI Polyphonic Expression”.

KVR Expert, Peter Nyboer de-mystifies MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE)

Peter works for Sensel and if you’d like to here more about that check out his interview with my friend Brian Funk on Episode 71 of the Music Production Podcast.

More on the Morph

I’ve really enjoyed working with the Morph and will soon have one of my own. I especially like the Buchla template. I also appreciate you can be expressive with only light touch and light pressure. Here is more info on the Morph

Stay Tuned for More on Morph and MPE

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By Mark Mosher

Synthesist and Multimedia Artist

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