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Bandcamp Subscription So Far

In this post I wanted offer a brief summary of subscriber-exclusives since I launched the subscription in mid-December to  give those who haven’t subscribed a sense for what’s happening over on the subscribers page 😀.

First off, thanks to all who have subscribed so far. I really appreciate it 🙏.

Subscribe-Exclusive Music Releases

In addition to the 12 releases in my back-catalog, subscribers are getting early access to the forthcoming soundscapes album Sonic Encounters Volume 03. Since the subscription went live I’ve posted 2 new soundscapes “Ancient Savanna (A Post Modern Ambient Bossa Nova Ice Cream Sandwich)” and “Antarctic Night” both over 5 minutes long.

Early Access to Videos and Deeper Notes

I posted many of my #Jamuary videos early to the subscribe page and offered more detailed composer and producer’s notes. In come cases I provided early access to extended versions of the videos.

Behind-the-Scenes Updates

I’ve offered around a dozen BTS updates.

Subscriber Access to “Electronic Musician’s Guide to Making Music with the iPad”

I’m writing a guide on making music with the iPad. It’s a work in progress but already has a lot of useful and time-saving info. I’m up to about 2,000 words. Subscribers have access to my draft. I’ll be updating this from time-to-time.

Learn More

If you want to learn more about the subscription which is only $15 a year (and you get to keep all releases you had access to after your subscription ends) visit Take a moment to watch the video which also doubles as a nice look back at my discography spanning back 10 years.


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