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Sonic Encounters Podcast Coming to an End But Lives On as an Album Series + New Song

I first launched the Sonic Encounters podcast in almost 5 years ago in June of 2015. In June of 2017 I also started releasing podcast seasons as albums on Bandcamp.

Today I’m writing to let you now that I’ve decided to retire the podcast and continue forward with Sonic Encounters exclusively as an album series on Bandcamp.

So a big thanks all of you out there who listened to and subscribed to the past episodes. Below is more info on how to continue to stream or download past episodes plus get new songs as I release them.

Streaming and Downloading Past Episodes

You can still stream all past episodes that were released as albums for free via Bandcamp. The advantage of having these as Bandcamp releases is that you can also buy and then download high resolution audio versions of the songs and in some cases get bonus tracks.

Volume 03 is In The Works + New Song

Active subscribers to my bandcamp subscription (learn more here) get access to all my new music plus my entire back catalog of 12 releases which includes Volume 01 and Volume 02 of Sonic Encounters. Subscribers also get early access to Volume 03 which is in the works.

Subscribers get access to tracks of Volume 03 as I’m creating the album. As of this post, the album has 2 tracks from the podcast before I shut it down, plus a brand new track called…

“Ancient Savanna (A Post Modern Ambient Bossa Nova Ice Cream Sandwich)”.

It’s a soundscape with a narrative arc and is the third song on the forthcoming Sonic Encounters Volume 03 album. It’s filled with some throwback rhythms and gorgeous analog tones. 

Thanks for listening and subscribers thanks for your support!


By Mark Mosher

Synthesist and Multimedia Artist