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Recommended Video – “What Is MaxForLive… And Why Aren’t You Using It Yet!?” by ELPHNT

Max for Live is an incredibly helpful solution that allows you to further customize and extend Ableton Live. While you can use it as a development tool, many people I’ve bumped into don’t realize it’s also extremely useful to artists who don’t develop.

For example, I’ve been using it for years now to use Ableton Live itself more like a modular and to extend Live through both free and commercial Max for Live devices from Ableton and third parties.

As Max for Live is a bit misunderstood so I wanted to spread the word about a video I discovered via Darwin’s Grosse’s “All Things Modular” Blog, It’s ELPHNT‘s YouTube channel and the videos covers about all sorts of use cases for non-developers.

It’s called called “What Is MaxForLive… And Why Aren’t You Using It Yet!?” and offers a great overview in just under 8 minutes. In the video he touches on:

  • What is Max for Live
  • How should use it
  • How to set it up

A Few Ways I’ve Used Max for Live with Free Devices

Tow Max for Live Devices – Granulator II device and a device that lets me map my wireless Xbox 360 Controller
Max for Live Granulator II and Convolution Reverb devices along with native devices.
This one requires a more knowledge but I wanted to include it as it illustrates how you can bring Max patches into Max for Live devices. This is my first try at it.

More by ELPHNT

Check out for tutorials and Live Packs.

In a somewhat related not both ELPHNT and I collaborated with Brian Funk on his The Round Wavetable Ableton Live Pack – 32 Free Wavetable Presets From 7 Producers.

Max for Live Links

Some of my Fav Commercial Max for Live Companies

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