New Live YouTube Series on Percussa SSP Euorack Module by Matthew Hodson (MATTHS) – Sundays at 6pm UK time (11am MST)

A new live video series by Matthew Hodson (MATTHS) on the Percussa SSP Eurorack Module began on June 16th, 2019. the live stream/video is broadcasted on YouTube Live on Sunday’s at 6pm UK time (11am MST).

Visit to join and watch the stream.

Jump in the chat room as Matthew will be joined by Bert Schiettecatte, Percussa’s founder and lead engineer/designer, who will be there to answer questions about the SSP as the live stream unfolds.

The series is a live stream hosted by Matthew himself, where he will share his perspective on integrating the SSP into a professional music production context. The series will consist of multiple in-depth videos highlighting everything the SSP is capable of: sampling, granular and wavetable synthesis, external and internal CV modulation, MIDI control and CV generation, sequencing, effects processing, multichannel recording, FM and traditional subtractive synthesis. The videos will also cover polyphonic and multitimbral patch design. Each video will focus on a different aspect of the SSP.

The first three episodes are on YouTube. I’ve watched the first and was in the live stream chat room for the second one and thought it the series was a great way to both learn how the Percussa SSP works, what it sounds like, and how to create with it.

About Percussa and the SSP

Percussa makes hardware and software for forward-thinking professional musicians, sound designers and artists, since 2004. Percussa is known for its award winning AudioCubes product, a wireless patching and performance interface, Synthor System 8, a wireless digital modular synthesis system, and the Super Signal Processor (SSP) eurorack module, a high-end DSP module, modular-in-a-module and multichannel recorder/sampler, featuring 16 inputs and 8 outputs, at 32 bit resolution, supporting sample rates up to 192kHz.

About Matthew Hodson (MATTHS)

Acclaimed electronic producer Matthew Hodson, brings dynamic and intense productions, characterised for the controlled fusion of both ambient and aggressive electronica under the name of MATTHS. Recent MATTHS performances include opening for Wire; supporting Alex Banks (Monkeytown Records), Ulrich Schnauss and Rival Consoles (Erased Tapes). MATTHS has worked with the original BBC Radiophonic Workshop on their new material at Peter Gabriel’s Real World Studios. In May, MATTHS also played 2 shows at the Superbooth Festival in Berlin.

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