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Modulate This! is Moving Hosts and Merging into MarkMosherMusic

Modulate This! is Moving Hosts and Merging into MarkMosherMusic

To save time and expense, I’ve decided to import ALL of the Modulate This! posts into my artist site under my artist blog. Import is complete and the posts are already visible and you can also navigate there via the “Blog” menu at the top of the site.

If you already subscribe to this  Mark Mosher Music via WordPress or RSS, no change is required, although you may want to opt-in to my new artist newsletter below.

Changes for Modulate This! Readers Who Still Want to Subscribe Via Email or RSS

As Modulate This! will live on within another WordPress host you’ll need to re-subscribe if you were getting email notifications via WordPress. You’ll also need to switch RSS feeds.

Below is a summary of what to subscribe to based on your interests.


I’ll continue to journal on process, gear, tech, and technique as I go along my artist journey with various artist synth-related projects. I’ll also be doing more entries where I share pictures and videos on shows where I’m performing or attending and also feature the work of my artist friends.

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