New Recordings Discography Page with Store Buttons

Hi All,

First off , so sorry for that last garbage email a few minutes ago. I was testing a new editor and hit the wrong button – doh! Sorry about that.

Anyway, I’m emailing to let you know that I launched a “Recordings” section for my web site featuring a discography my original albums and singles.


Click the covers or titles of albums and singles to learn more about each release, hear full-length previews, and see links to various online stores. Bandcamp allows for name your price. If you are new to my music, Reboot is a great place to start BTW. Some fun cinematic beat-driven electronic music.


Also, if you haven’t been to the root of my site in a while, swing by to see a groovy animated masthead with excerpts from one of my performances.

Thanks again for listening,

Mark Mosher
Synthesist : Original Music, Sound, and Interactive Visuals



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