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MarkMosherMusic Web Site Redesign – Come Listen to some Full-Length Song Previews and Watch Some Videos

I’ve been heads-down in the studio working on new music and doing pre-production work for a new multimedia concert show for 2018 which will feature cinematic science fiction themes and updated visual. I also took some time to redesigned to support more rich media to help better illustrate where I’m heading in 2018.

The home page now features:

  1. Groovy new animated masthead banner for computer and tablet browsers
  2. Quick link icons to all my stores and social sites
  3. A dedicated slide-out “Follow” menu for subscribing to artist news via email and links to my social sites
  4. Upcoming show links
  5. A few spotlight videos from my new Video section
  6. Testimonials from past events
  7. An embedded player with a featured playlist with a selection of full-length tracks from various albums of Science Fiction Theme albums , and Soundscapes albums.

The media on the site is setup more like a catalog so you now more easily browse, listen, and watch.

Enjoy and tell your friends,

Mark Mosher

By Mark Mosher

Synthesist and Multimedia Artist

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