Using Cycling ’74 BEAP Modular in Max for Live


I’m digging deeper into BEAP. Note – I’ve created a category for BEAP posts –

Today I worked out how to use a BEAP patch with Max for Live. The trick is to MIDI from Live’s “midin” object to BEAP’s MIDI to Signal then map the audio to BEAP’s M4L-OUT. You can then use your controller to send MIDI notes to beap, rack up the patch, assign Macro’s, use Live devices in the device chain.


To test all this, I map various knobs to macros from within the patch plus route MIDI CC 30 to change the speed of the LFO. I’ve also mapped the delay time to a macro with the delay set to “repitch”.

Here is a video of my patch in action:

Stretta, BEAP creator, has step-by-step video of configuring this


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