(Modulate This) Synth: Diva

U-He Releases DIVA 1.3 + Update to DIVA Synthesizer Anatomy Mindmap


U-HE released DIVA 1.3 (rev.2126)

  • The Uhbie, a filter modeled after a famous analogue multimode VCF. Our take on this morphs from lowpass to highpass via your choice of notch or bandpass. [Modeled after famous SVF, with exaggerated character]
  • The Digital Osc, a dual oscillator with a flexible feature set reminiscent of the synthesizer that started the hardware VA revolution in the 90ies. Not only have we covered its typical waveforms such as the original Super Saw, Feedback and TriangleMod, we even gave both oscillators the full feature set! (we also sneaked in a high quality mode with less aliasing). [inspired by JP80x0]
  • An Arpeggiator! – Not to be mistaken with the recent crop of sequencers that also arpeggiate, this one pays tribute to good old analogue style arpeggiators, including some of the lesser known modes such as the "Leap" mode found in rare monophonic synths.
Further improvements include:
  • 60 new factory presets using the new modules (They are also included in the installation zip file so you can save them to their own folder).
  • AAX support for Pro Tools 10/11!
  • vastly accelerated GUI opening
  • many little niggles fixed

To get this, just download from Diva's website.

Mindmap Update

U-HE alludes to which synths they model. To save you time, I created a mindmap which offers an overview of DIVA’s anatomy plus tell you which synth module is used in which template. You can view the map here
Create your own mind maps at MindMeister

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