(Modulate This) Gary Numan Mountain Oasis

Gary Numan Mountain Oasis 2013 Interview Video and Concert Recording

Geary Interviews Gary


Besides having the honor of bringing the 9 Box to the Mountain Oasis 2013 Festival this year, the biggest highlight for me was getting to see Geary Yelton’s interview with Gary Numan for Electronic Musician. Geary was my host during the festival so that made the interview even that much cooler :^) interview took place in the 500 seat Diana Wortham Theater which was totally packed. Geary had great questions and Gary was super open, funny, and direct with his answer which was really interesting and refreshing. It’s a must see video if you’re an electronic musician IMHO as Gary offers some really great insight on the industry and being an artist in general.

My favorite part of the interview was Numan's take on hardware vs software vs analog vs digital (question starts at 43:19) "It's all about making noises. Who gives a shit about whether its analog, digital, software… if the noise at the end of it is a cool noise, that's the only thing that matters."

Electronic Musician posted the entire video on their youtube channel –

Recording of Entire Gary Numan In Concert at Mountain Oasis

For me, Gary Numan's set was the best of the festival. Below are a few photos I took while there.


NPR just posted a a recording of the entire concert here

Geary Yelton’s Coverage of Mountain Oasis for Electronic Musician

Geary also wrote a piece covering the festival which you can read here


Mark Mosher
Electronic Musician | Composer | Sound Designer | Performer
Boulder, CO

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