(Modulate This) Octatrack Synth: Absynth

“I Calculate” – A Soundscape Experiment Using Octatrack to Sequence Absynth 5 Synthesizer


In this experiment I used Octatrack to drive Absynth running in stand-alone mode. I sequenced the piece using only the Octatrack sequencer. I used step sequencing mixed with trig automation to modulate Absynth performance params via MIDI CCs along with some real-time performance param manipulation using data entry knobs on Octatrack. I used the MIDI OUT on the Octatrack and the MIDI on my USB soundcard. 

Note you can also play your MIDI instrument using trig mode “Chromatic” and you can assign MIDI CCs to  to the data entry knobs thereby making Octatrack a controller.

This was my first time using Octatrack with an external MIDI instrument and when I was setting this up I couldn’t’ quite figure out how to turn the “on” the data entry knobs once I configured them to a MIDI CC. This video will save you a lot of time in learning how to set up Octatrack for MIDI sequencing including activating data entry knobs.

See more Octatrack videos by SecretMusicUK on his YouTube channel

Mark Mosher
Electronic Musician | Composer | Sound Designer | Performer
Boulder, CO

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