(Modulate This) Synth: Absynth

Absynth 5 Synthesizer Envelope Editing Tips

One of the best features of Absynth 5 are the 68 breakpoint envelopes. If you’ve mainly been shaping envelopes by dragging breakpoints around with your mouse here are some tips on adding even more character and expression to your envelopes.

Type in Breakpoint Times


You can set the time for a breakpoint manually by entering the number of seconds for the break point. The Abs/BP switch determines the position of the breakpoint on the timeline. From p. 116 in the manual:

Abs/BP Time control: Determines the Breakpoint’s position on the time axis. Enter the duration in seconds. Depending on the setting of the BP Time Toggle on its left, you can either enter the duration since the previous Breakpoint (Bp sec) or since the beginning of the Envelope (Abs sec).

This is such a cool feature because you can not only be very precise but you can create extremely long envelope segments adding subtle motion and character.

Add LFOs and Modulate Breakpoints

I used Absynth quite a while before I bothered to click on the LFO and Control tabs. Using these tabs you can add LFO’s to envelope segments and modulate Amp and Time of a breakpoint using controllers.


More Tips on Absynth

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